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Transparent Whiteboard Paint Transparent Whiteboard Paint

Transparent Whiteboard Paint

$ 75.00

Every setting needs a whiteboard. Don’t sacrifice room aesthetics for the sake of productivity! We say, why not have both by using the clear dry erase paint?! WriteyBoard’s Clear dry erase board Paint, is a transparent whiteboard paint that anyone can apply themselves! Then with any dry erase marker, write and erase over your current wall color! WriteyBoard's Clear marker board paint is the seamless integration of productivity and lifestyle. Experience true transparency with clear WriteyBoard whiteboard paint! Just one small can of WriteyBoard gives you the most cost-effective clear dry erase boards on the planet!

  • Clear Whiteboard Paint is a Modern Whiteboard Solution
  • Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint Requires Only 1 Coat
  • Clear Dry Erase Marker Paint has a 72 Hour Cure Time
  • Marker Board Paint is UV Resistant
  • 10 Year Warranty

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