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Unleash Your Hidden Van Gogh onto your Walls

Momtastic Life

There’s something about drawing on the walls that seems deliciously forbidden and maybe that’s part of what makes this product so magically appealing to me.


WriteyBoard donates to the Kids in Need Foundation

Kids In Need Foundation

THANK YOU to the following companies and individuals who have made product, in-kind services, or financial donations to the Kids In Need Foundation between January 1, 2014 and August 29, 2014.


New WriteyBoard website launches!


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Red Carpets Events LA Grammys Style Lounge

It's Not About Me TV

WhiteyBoard—You all know that I headed right for this table featuring portable, reusable, stick-on white boards! Mr. X got me a giant one a few years ago, on which I immediately drew “portraits” of him, Clarence, and me. They are so adorable, (if I do say so myself,) that I’ve never been able to bring myself to erase them!


WhiteyBoard Review - Making a Work Space Workable

LA Splash Magazine

Things were picking up in the small home office and it was time for a better organization system. I had papers and notepads, and computer programs, but nothing seemed to be working for me to keep everything organized efficiently. The wall next to my computer desk was unadorned by any pictures. New projects and things to do later always came up and I thought it would be helpful to have a big place to display them instead of going back and forth from notes. It seemed like a hassle to figure out how to put a chalk board in the space, and we thought there must be something better than buying a bunch of those small white boards you can hang on the wall.


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