Browser Board Premium WriteyBoard Browser Board Premium WriteyBoard

Browser Board Premium WriteyBoard

$ 19.99

The ultimate brainstorming tool for web designers is here! This perfectly scaled, laptop display browser dry erase board allows you start a new web design like never before! Imagine meeting a client at a coffee shop, slapping your browser whiteboard to the wall and watching the ideas flow. This desktop whiteboard has beautiful, vector icons, sharp lines, and stunning dry erase performance, you'll be endlessly inspired in what direction to take your website projects. When you're done, simply peel down the desktop whiteboard, roll it up and reapply.

  • Accurately brainstorm multiple wireframes
  • Installs in seconds; no wrinkles, no bubbles, guaranteed.
  • Perfectly scaled to monitor dimensions
  • This desktop dry erase board has superior dry erase performance
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