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Hear what our customers have to say! If you're thinking about getting the planet's best dry erase surface, read some reviews from our happy customers.
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Sheryl Verdugo

Really great product! I can move it around with me when I need visual demonstration !

Premium Whiteboard
Todd Thiessen
18ft of whiteboard

Covered a whole wall with 3 4x6 boards. Install was not easy / not hard - just needed to be patient and glad we had three people. Loved having a huge collaboration space, walls were covered with great sketches and it made for wonderful artifact after the meeting rather that erase and replace.

Dry Erase Markers
Mike Heffner
Works well for travel, can cut to the size of your luggage

I purchased a 4x6 roll to use for travel and was able to cut to the size of my luggage. We used it when the team stayed at an Airbnb and wanted to do whiteboard brainstorming. We used painters tape to stick to the wall in case the backing removed paint.

Whiteboard Calendar
Mariane Whittemore
Great for homebound senior!

This is great for my homebound Dad to keep track of his weekly PT appointments, Dr visits, birthdays and other important events. Easy to put up right next to his bed so he can see it first thing in the morning.

No spray cleaner in the kit and it’s odor

I ordered the package kit with paint and cleaner, and also additional remover. But I didn’t receive any cleaner in the box.

Hi Alice,
I am sorry if the cleaner was missed and if you could please send me your shipping address I will certainly send one out to you. I understand about the odor as with any specialty paint can be a bit strong but at least it dissipates in 24 hours or so. I will look forward to hearing from you. Send info to bruce@writeyboards.com

Premium Whiteboard
David Donovan
Writey board

Love this product as I have an extensive To Do list and having this right in front of me makes my life much easier and organized.

Premium Whiteboard
Mary Ann Stenner
5 Stars

Bruce is an amazing and personal man to work with!

Whiteboard Calendar
Fuse Sallee
Works great!

Went on pretty easy! Looks awesome

Custom Whiteboard
David Gonzalez
Worked mostly great...

We ordered two. Writey did an AWESOME job customizing my order (shoutout to Bruce!). We hung two whiteboard sheets. One went on perfectly without any bubbles. The second one was trickier with the bubbles, and I can't seem to get them out. Overall though, I'd say they're perfect. I can't give them a 5 out of 5, but I'd give them a 9/10. Order them. They're really good.

William C Puchniarz


Premium Whiteboard
Nicholas LoFaso

Premium Whiteboard

Whiteboard Paint
Alex Daisey
Worked as it advertised

Very easy to apply and use

Dry Erase Markers
Wanda Richardson

Dry Erase Markers

Matthew White
Works great!

I watched the YouTube video and it was easy to install. I use it constantly and love it!


These can either be hung like a sticky note or applied like a sticker. The paper backing can be placed back on, but I haven't tested this. I have removed and replaced one at least 3-4 times and it feels just as sticky. This idea is so innovative. I bought 10 packs when they were 50% off. This is a fantastic way to sample Writey's dry erase products. I'm happy enough with this to be considering purchasing a permanent wall board. I can't wait to stick these on when I get one. Each pack comes with a marker, so keep that in mind. These notes are handy to keep around. Helps me incredibly to organize thoughts.

Great complement to my main Whiteboard

Easy to install on a painted drywall surface. Adhesion is positive but not excessive so I don't believe it will damage the wall when removed.

Great writing surface, and erases well without ghosting.

Premium Whiteboard
Nathaniel Merchant

Really useful!

Whiteboard Calendar
Jay Griffith
Spreading the word

This product has made putting up and taking down calendars and whiteboards a breeze. They are suitable for both the office and home. The product and price point make it a no-brainer!

Peggy Anton
Thumbs Up on replacement sheet of white board material.

It works very well. we love the concept of being able to apply it right over and old white board. Only complaint is the application. It took four of us over an our to apply it very carefully. Our daughter had worked with this type of material so she guided us slowly through the process.

Premium Whiteboard
John Cooper
Home Office Upgrade

I recently started working from home. Installed two Writey whiteboards on my closet doors in the office. Looks and works great!

Does the job

We used this to cover a "painted on white board" which was not as smooth as needed. This whiteboard from Writey went on well and is very smooth to allow us to clean it without leaving any left over residue


We were able to install the white boards (two 8 x 6) very easily in little to no time! And the writing surface is perfect! Thank you!

Best Purchase Ever

I love whiteboards and I was looking for a space-efficient option for my office. I got the 4x8 and it looks fantastic - but I've run out of room! Will be ordering more for the other walls.

It can be a process to put these on the wall, but once they are on, they are perfect. Totally worth it and super cheap compared to regular whiteboards.

Roger Miller
Second Purchase. Still loving my first!

This is my second purchase of the monthly calendar. I’ve moved the first one around in my room so many times and it’s still sticking! I decided to purchase a second one because I’m in 2 rooms this year. This calendar is a great way to post lesson due dates, assessment dates and special school wide events. Convenient. Easy to update. And moves easily if you change your mind on where to place it.

Connor Mcleod
So easy to use

The remooble was very easy to apply. I've applied a lot of other types of whiteboard wall papers and they're always quite difficult to get right. This went on easy and had no bubbles.