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Hear what our customers have to say! If you're thinking about getting the planet's best dry erase surface, read some reviews from our happy customers.
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Fantastic white board

I’m super impressed with my premium whiteboard. Even if my husband likes it! It’s simple and luckily I was able to stick on the wall pretty easily. I am very pleased with this product, it has exactly what I was looking for (a white board that was easy to setup with no tools or drilling) Ingenious product, I will buy another for our kids new study!

Whiteboard Calendar
Kevin DeBroka
Great organizational tool

The boards are great for organizing my kids day to day activities.

Premium Whiteboard
Matthew Artman
Love the flexibility

I needed a white board for our work van. I had a picture framed white board which worked at first but became a problem as we lived with it. Due to its location we were always brushing the board and that erased our notes and damaged the frame. The size and flexibility of this product allowed us to relocate the white board and it’s now working out great. I love the product!

Premium Whiteboard
Shane Chalupa
Easier than hanging a whiteboard & reusable

The static based reusable and movable product is fantastic. It goes up relatively easily and can be taken down and reused elsewhere. I would recommend this product.

Sara Conzemius
Perfect for a dorm room

I bought this for my son’s dorm room which only allows you to hang things with removable adhesive like Command Strips. It is absolutely perfect and he loves it for keeping organized and on top of things. He said it was easy to hang up, is sticking tight and it was so easy to move compared to a comparable white board.

J Griffith
Cool idea

It’s a VERY cool idea, I liked it so much I bought some for my staff too. The only problem is…I don’t use them like I thought I would. Hopefully I can retrain my brain!

Mark Wyckoff
Writey Whiteboard

This board works great writes on easy and wipes off easy excellent for schools or boardrooms.

Premium Whiteboard
Kevin O'Donnell

Premium Whiteboard

Love my big ol’ board!

I got the 4’x8’ removable surface. No plans to remove it, just wanted the layer of foam backing that I think only comes on it. Installed it with a helper on a normal, painted wall. Was worried about it being level vs the ceiling line but it turned out great in the first try. Smooth, glossy surface looks great and erases well so far. I bought some cleaner, planning for the inevitable. :)

Dry Erase Markers
Phil Strazzulla
Great service!

Loved the whiteboard, markers, and fast responses from the team at Writey

Custom Whiteboard
Engineer Central
Huge Custom Whiteboard a hit

Our company installed this huge custom whiteboard in an area full of engineers. They are loving the massive space they get to present ideas, drawings and such to brainstorm designs etc.
Great tool for the team.

Steven Gans

This is the nicest white board I have ever had in an office. The convenience and footprint makes these boards the best!

Lexi Garcia
Great Product!

I was shocked how easy this was and how forgiving the bibles and creases are when putting on your wall!

Cassidy Cagle
Fits my space - Fits my vibe

I was hesitant at first as I have seen tons of other rollout and stick white boards but they have all previously had the texture of the wall felt easily beneath the surface whenever you are writing. Well, not the case with this Writey board and I'm now a huge fan!

Premium Whiteboard
Maria Lasaga
Fantastic whiteboard

We got the relocatable one and it is great! Writing on it is just like writing on a normal whiteboard. We had no problems with a textured wall either! Very happy!

Premium Whiteboard
Jamar Scott
Perfect !!!

great for the space... no bulky edges or unstable hooks to worry about. East to put up (less than 5 mins). Very functional!

Chalk Markers
Susan Lafayette

Chalk Markers

Sheryl Verdugo

Really great product! I can move it around with me when I need visual demonstration !

Premium Whiteboard
Todd Thiessen
18ft of whiteboard

Covered a whole wall with 3 4x6 boards. Install was not easy / not hard - just needed to be patient and glad we had three people. Loved having a huge collaboration space, walls were covered with great sketches and it made for wonderful artifact after the meeting rather that erase and replace.

Dry Erase Markers
Mike Heffner
Works well for travel, can cut to the size of your luggage

I purchased a 4x6 roll to use for travel and was able to cut to the size of my luggage. We used it when the team stayed at an Airbnb and wanted to do whiteboard brainstorming. We used painters tape to stick to the wall in case the backing removed paint.

Whiteboard Calendar
Mariane Whittemore
Great for homebound senior!

This is great for my homebound Dad to keep track of his weekly PT appointments, Dr visits, birthdays and other important events. Easy to put up right next to his bed so he can see it first thing in the morning.

No spray cleaner in the kit and it’s odor

I ordered the package kit with paint and cleaner, and also additional remover. But I didn’t receive any cleaner in the box.

Hi Alice,
I am sorry if the cleaner was missed and if you could please send me your shipping address I will certainly send one out to you. I understand about the odor as with any specialty paint can be a bit strong but at least it dissipates in 24 hours or so. I will look forward to hearing from you. Send info to bruce@writeyboards.com

Premium Whiteboard
David Donovan
Writey board

Love this product as I have an extensive To Do list and having this right in front of me makes my life much easier and organized.

Premium Whiteboard
Mary Ann Stenner
5 Stars

Bruce is an amazing and personal man to work with!

Whiteboard Calendar
Fuse Sallee
Works great!

Went on pretty easy! Looks awesome