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Premium Whiteboard
Nathaniel Merchant

Really useful!

Whiteboard Calendar
Jay Griffith
Spreading the word

This product has made putting up and taking down calendars and whiteboards a breeze. They are suitable for both the office and home. The product and price point make it a no-brainer!

Peggy Anton
Thumbs Up on replacement sheet of white board material.

It works very well. we love the concept of being able to apply it right over and old white board. Only complaint is the application. It took four of us over an our to apply it very carefully. Our daughter had worked with this type of material so she guided us slowly through the process.

Premium Whiteboard
John Cooper
Home Office Upgrade

I recently started working from home. Installed two Writey whiteboards on my closet doors in the office. Looks and works great!

Does the job

We used this to cover a "painted on white board" which was not as smooth as needed. This whiteboard from Writey went on well and is very smooth to allow us to clean it without leaving any left over residue


We were able to install the white boards (two 8 x 6) very easily in little to no time! And the writing surface is perfect! Thank you!

Best Purchase Ever

I love whiteboards and I was looking for a space-efficient option for my office. I got the 4x8 and it looks fantastic - but I've run out of room! Will be ordering more for the other walls.

It can be a process to put these on the wall, but once they are on, they are perfect. Totally worth it and super cheap compared to regular whiteboards.

Roger Miller
Second Purchase. Still loving my first!

This is my second purchase of the monthly calendar. I’ve moved the first one around in my room so many times and it’s still sticking! I decided to purchase a second one because I’m in 2 rooms this year. This calendar is a great way to post lesson due dates, assessment dates and special school wide events. Convenient. Easy to update. And moves easily if you change your mind on where to place it.

Connor Mcleod
So easy to use

The remooble was very easy to apply. I've applied a lot of other types of whiteboard wall papers and they're always quite difficult to get right. This went on easy and had no bubbles.

Premium Whiteboard
Metropolitan Neurosurgery Associates

I ordered a weekly calendar and blank large one for my office. I love them! Best white boards around

5'x8' board was not that easy to install

The board is working great and is incredibly convenient just not as easy to install as a smaller board would be. I would recommend and purchase again but would pay the extra fee to have it installed.

Premium Whiteboard
Nicholas Gonzalez

Premium Whiteboard

Magnetic can work

1/4 plywood screwed to wall.
Glued (heavy duty glue) sheet metal (28 guage) to plywood.
Applied writey to sheetmetal.
note: magnetic….holding everything we’ve needed so far. been using in Sunday school church environment for 2 years.

Katherine Lugo
Doesn’t clean very well

You have to scrub the marker off the cloth doesn’t clean easily.

I am sorry that you are having an issue. For markings that may have been left on for a longer period of time a cleaner is best to help remove them easily. Please contact me and I will send you our cleaner for no charge

Premium Whiteboard
Peter A Hoff
Exactly what I was looking for

My closet doors are now whiteboards. What else is there to say?

Carol Daniels

Great product. I am very happy with my purchase.

Whiteboard Paint
Sue Ellen Akers
Great paint

The paint worked great, but one of the cans was old and was clogged up with several gloms, so that reduced the amount of paint that was viable. Good thing I overestimated the size, which afforded us just enough for the area we had to cover.

Wonderful addition to my room

I purchased the 4'x10' matte black stick on board and am very happy with how it looks and writes. Granted, I did put the sticker on a backing board so the rough wall doesn't make writing uncomfortable or ugly but still overall very good product. However I would recommend getting three people as opposed to the two suggested by the instructions, as the maximum size sticker is rather unwieldy. Also don't forget to get some more of the proper writey markers for the black board as normal dry erase markers do not show up on the matte blackboard and the white marker they give you gets a little boring after a while :)

P.S. A much cheaper and effective solution than dry erase paint/chalk paint or just buying a giant black whiteboard

Best whiteboard (blackboard) for work and study

I'm just "AMAZED" by my re-stickable 4x8 writey board. It took only 5 min for me and my wife to place the board on the wall. It was "VERY" easy to re-position the board when the board was not straight.
I'm super excited about brainstorming ideas and writing my pseudocode on the board!!! I will NEVER EVER get a glass or a plastic whiteboard for my kids or myself again.

Mowahid Latif
Super easy to Install and Cleaning is decently easy.

I have the 6ft x 4ft version of the matte whiteboard and its amazing. I love the easy installation and how much real estate I have to write. The only reason I gave 4/5 is because if you leave the writing on for a long time, weeks or 2+, you can slightly see what was erased slightly once you have erased it. I would give it a 4.5 if there was an option, and I also paid for the markers + cloth + cleaning fluid. I would probably get the black one next time, but there is are no videos and I wanted to play it safe since it is very expensive.

Premium Whiteboard
Karla Wiley
Traffic School Instructor

I am "over the moon" (extremely delighted) with my re-stickable 6 x 4 writey board. I just opened a new classroom location for my IN-PERSON traffic school instruction. Since the conference room I'm using at a local Holiday Inn Express does not have a whiteboard, I began searching for a "portable" option I could carry with me. One that wouldn't be too cumbersome to tote about. I found the 6 x 4 re-stickable Writey, read up about it and decided to go with it. I am so glad I did.

Yesterday, October 12th, was my first day using it. After unrolling it several days prior so it could flatten, I folded back ONLY a portion of the protective waxy paper from the top and bottom of the board. The rest of the waxy paper remained in place; I DID NOT need to remove it all. The exposed stickiness on the top and bottom portions was strong enough to hold the entire board in place.... it's quite strong! Again, the exposed sticky portions of the top and bottom was ALL I needed to securely mount the 6 x 4 board to the wall. Once my day ended, I was able to easily peel off the top and bottom portions where the sticky-back had been exposed. I re-covered those exposed parts with the waxy paper I had folded back, rolled up the board, re-inserted it into its tube, and VOILA! All done. I was very pleased.

Now, I want to note that the wall of the conference room was papered with a slightly textured, beige-colored vinyl type material. I'm sure this material is easy to wipe down with a wet cloth if needed. The texturing on the wall did not interfere one bit with my use of the board. The board is well padded for a smooth writing surface.

If you're going to use your re-stickable on painted walls, BE SURE to get a sample and test to make sure your paint does not peel off.

Jerry Garramone
Love it

good quality, HUGE whiteboard. looks and works great!!!


It is a very good product but my shawl markers did not arrive in the package and they did charge me for them but I did not have time to check why they did not arrive

Michael Burn

Works great!

Premium Whiteboard
DN Barstein
Great to have variety of sheet sizes

First ordered four replaceable mid-sized sheets and supplies to try out products. Sheets well received by emoyees, and I had to order more. We donated our heavy, ceramic white boards, the sheets are more leased office friendly.