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It is a very good product but my shawl markers did not arrive in the package and they did charge me for them but I did not have time to check why they did not arrive

Michael Burn

Works great!

Premium Whiteboard
DN Barstein
Great to have variety of sheet sizes

First ordered four replaceable mid-sized sheets and supplies to try out products. Sheets well received by emoyees, and I had to order more. We donated our heavy, ceramic white boards, the sheets are more leased office friendly.

Dry Erase Markers
John Mitchell
Whiteboard Markers

We've been using Writey board in our classrooms for over 5 years. There's no way to say it other than that these are truly the best whiteboard markers!!! These markers have a very bold color and create nice broad lines. They make it very easy for my students to see what I have written on the board. Additionally, they are very smooth when writing. One thing that surprised me but has made me a huge fan is that cleanup is way easier with Writeyboard markers than with Expo markers. With the Writeyboard markers, I can clean my boards with water, I haven't had to use a special spray in years. I've had some Expo colors leave residue stains on boards. That is not the case with Writeyboard markers. As long as I have the option, I will always use only Writeyboard markers in my classroom.

The Best!

Not only are Writey products amazing, but the customer service is above and beyond! Special thank you to Bruce for making this such a fantastic buying experience - the attention to detail, communication, and personalized experience was exceptional.

We'll be buying more soon!

Premium Whiteboard
Chase Johnson
Your Brain Will Thankyou

Im finding that having a place to idea vomit is key to my success. Thanks Writey!!

Dry Erase Markers
Brandon Smith
Best Whiteboard for the money

I purchased the 2' x 3' white board mat with adhesive backing. I have a textured wall in my office and thought I would try this instead of hanging a traditional whiteboard. I'm glad I did. It's low profile, it's sticks to the wall no problem, cleans better than any other whiteboard, and was less than half the price of a traditional whiteboard. I will continue to buy these.

Along with the white board, I ordered a set of the Dry Erase Markers. Standard colors, but they show up solid and bold on the board. Easy to write with and erases cleanly!

Shipping was fast too!

Cyndie K

This works so well...I am very happy with this product.

Cyndie K

We could not be happier with the Writey products! We ordered the black Writey Board and it is a wonderful addition to our executive conference room. It is classy and keeps the meetings flowing seamlessly.

Chalk Markers
Alexander Roth

Great for writing stuff on my fridge.

Premium Whiteboard
Roger Caibe

Premium Whiteboard

Replace your Old whiteboard

I ordered a customized size 4x3. Love it!!!! I feel more productive now using my writey. I noticed though that my colleague ordered a 3x2 web and it has a thin cushion which I like better.

Mitch McDermid
My second Writey Board

Once again, very awesome product. Will continue to order this product fo rmy office needs.

Premium Whiteboard
Aaron Norton
Very Handy and Convenient

I posted the 6x4' restickable WB to write notes on a wall in my house for a big exam I have coming-up. Having all the essential info in one place rather than scattered throughout a book is the reason I got the board. And it sticks very well to the wall; it's been up for almost three weeks now with no issues, whatsoever. Customer service was also very helpful in the shipment tracking and willingness to reship if I didn't receive [the board] in a timely manner.

Premium Whiteboard
unpopular counselor
Awesome Product

Check out my Twitter. I hope you like it. A lot of good things to come. Thank you for reading.


Whiteboard Paint
Yotam Melichar

My opinion/feedback is not free. You want it? Pay for it

Premium Whiteboard
Steven Guzman
Perfect for what I needed.

I needed a white board that I could customize to fit a unique space in my garage gym. The fact that I could cut this with a box cutter or pair of scissors was awesome. Fit exactly where I needed it, and still have some left over for my daughter to use for fun in her room.

Premium Whiteboard
Jerry Perullo
Very happy with the premium whiteboard

I’m very satisfied with the whiteboard. I got the 4x8 premium for the inside of my garage door, making the ultimate garage startup feel. The material is just padded enough to adhere great to the textured and painted door, but it was easy to peel off when I cut it to shape. It was also easy to cut with a razor knife. It feels flat and smoother for writing so it smoothed out the door texture. So far it seems to write and erase great as well. Finally, putting it on a metal door it’s thin enough that a magnetic eraser sticks great.

Premium Whiteboard
Bearer Card

Easy to install!

Claire Mendelsohn
Great quality- reasonable to hang

Just as always, your stick on whiteboard ms are excellent quality! This is the largest one I have ever ordered and I was worried about hanging it/ sticking it on the wall. BUT! I followed your instructions and it went up easily- thanks!

Dry Erase Markers
Katienne Champagne

Even though I have not installed it on the wall yet delivery was quick. Ordering was easy

Thomas Riley
Great Customer Service

Bruce personally called me about my shipping status and he resolved issue ASAP. Have not received this superior service in some time!

Thanks a million Bruce!!

Very satisfied customer!

Premium Whiteboard
Matthew Puckett
Unnecessary label

This whiteboard is a great idea but I wish the company logo wasn't indelibly displayed on the corner. It's unnecessary. I know this a trend now - putting labels of companies on everything from sweaters to shelving. But it's very tacky and it distracts from what this should be: a WHITE board.
Instead, I have to look at the 'WRITEY' label next to every project. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this for that reason.

Very handy. Use them almost daily.

William Allison