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Whiteboards Unbound

Simply Peel & Stick!
In minutes, apply your whiteboard to the walls in your home and or office.

Save Money
Get the whiteboard you need for a fraction of the cost of traditional whiteboards.

Projector Screen - With a Matte White Finish project and write on the same surface.


Self Adhesive
Peel off the backing and stick to just about any smooth surface.
Stain Proof Surface
Use any dry erase marker, it erases every time and if it doesn't, let us know!



Use scissors or a box cutter to cut to your desired dimensions.

Renew & Reuse!

Resurface old whiteboards and blackboards with ease!

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Customer Reviews

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Peggy Anton
Thumbs Up on replacement sheet of white board material.

It works very well. we love the concept of being able to apply it right over and old white board. Only complaint is the application. It took four of us over an our to apply it very carefully. Our daughter had worked with this type of material so she guided us slowly through the process.

Does the job

We used this to cover a "painted on white board" which was not as smooth as needed. This whiteboard from Writey went on well and is very smooth to allow us to clean it without leaving any left over residue

5'x8' board was not that easy to install

The board is working great and is incredibly convenient just not as easy to install as a smaller board would be. I would recommend and purchase again but would pay the extra fee to have it installed.

Magnetic can work

1/4 plywood screwed to wall.
Glued (heavy duty glue) sheet metal (28 guage) to plywood.
Applied writey to sheetmetal.
note: magnetic….holding everything we’ve needed so far. been using in Sunday school church environment for 2 years.

Wonderful addition to my room

I purchased the 4'x10' matte black stick on board and am very happy with how it looks and writes. Granted, I did put the sticker on a backing board so the rough wall doesn't make writing uncomfortable or ugly but still overall very good product. However I would recommend getting three people as opposed to the two suggested by the instructions, as the maximum size sticker is rather unwieldy. Also don't forget to get some more of the proper writey markers for the black board as normal dry erase markers do not show up on the matte blackboard and the white marker they give you gets a little boring after a while :)

P.S. A much cheaper and effective solution than dry erase paint/chalk paint or just buying a giant black whiteboard


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