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peel & stick whiteboard + marker

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Whiteboards Unbound

Simply Peel & Stick!
In minutes, apply your whiteboard to the walls in your home and or office.

Save Money
Get the whiteboard you need for a fraction of the cost of traditional whiteboards.

Projector Screen - With a Matte White Finish project and write on the same surface.


Self Adhesive
Peel off the backing and stick to just about any smooth surface.
Stain Proof Surface
Use any dry erase marker, it erases every time and if it doesn't, let us know!



Use scissors or a box cutter to cut to your desired dimensions.

Renew & Reuse!

Resurface old whiteboards and blackboards with ease!

something to writey home about

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Craig Hoffer
As expected

Product as expected. Sticks right to office wall. Definitely need a few extra hands to get the item flush to the wall. Dry erase marker is a C+ at best.

Francis Wiseley
Customer Service

After my shipment got lost in the mail, Bruce was quick to respond and reconcile the situation. Received my package with a follow up from Bruce.

Rob S
Issues with air bubbles

The day after this was installed by our technicians numerous bubbles appeared. All instructions were followed and the video watched. 3 people were used to put it up. As a remedy the corners were lifted to let the air out. Bubbles continue to appear particulary along the edges. A 10' section was cut into 2 - 5' sections. The product is rather unsightly on the wall in my office. I haven't had the time to call "support' about a product that should have been relatively smple to install and work. Product was installed on painted drywall in a climate controlled office building.

Anthony at Mattie Rhodes Center
Best donation in a long time!

Right before the pandemic, we were donated the WRITEY boards (a calendar, a LARGE roll that we cute up and a black board along with some dry erase markers and chalk markers from WRITEY. It took us a year to actually install these on our walls (cinderblock) being right in the middle of the pandemic. We run an after school program and we literally had no students for a year. Since then, the boards are up, are used DAILY and have been a HUGE asset tour programs and planning. And they work on painted cinderblock walls after some thorough application of pressure. So a HUGE thank you for this donation. It's now 2024 and we are about to purchase a few new panels for our classrooms and youth spaces. Thank you for the initial donation but also the affordability as we purchase additional boards! this is a great product!

Kenneth Fleischer
White board

Very nice product. The convenient self adhesive back is easily removable without damaging the wall. This whiteboard was used to provide status updates in a rehab facility was very important to the patient. Great product highly recommended.


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