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Peel, Stick, Write!

Our original signature product, the WriteyBoard, is a stick on whiteboard that applies onto any non-porous surface in minutes! The specialty formulated adhesive makes it a breeze to install on most smooth surfaces. WriteyBoard comes in various sizes and finishes to match your needs.

PROJECTOR SCREEN: Matte White finish can double as a whiteboard & a background for your projector

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The Original WriteyBoard is available in white and black finishes. Black WriteyBoards illuminate ideas and thoughts with our colorful Neon chalk markers. White WriteyBoards available in glossy or matte finishes and can be used with our original dry erase markers and our NEON liquid chalk markers.

  • Fraction of the cost of traditional whiteboards
  • Applies in Minutes. No tools required
  • Erases clean every time
  • Cut for a custom fit


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Get Collaborative

Teams that collaborate more, perform better. Using a WriteyBoard helps with group planning, brainstorming, and communication.

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Get Creative

Your WriteyBoard is your canvas, use it to draw, diagram, plan, and play. It’s a one step way to make your home or office a creative wonderland.

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how to: stick on whiteboards

Stick On Whiteboard

Whiteboards come in many sizes, shapes, and styles today and have replaced the conventional blackboard in locations across the globe. Often referred to as dry erase boards, these writing surfaces are white as opposed to black and require the use of dry erase markers in place of chalk.

Today, they may be found in homes, offices, and classrooms around the world, as they offer numerous benefits over traditional blackboards. In fact, many choose to make use of peel and stick dry erase whiteboards as they can be installed anywhere the user has enough wall space.

Simple and Basic

Any person, including a young child, can use a whiteboard with no training. All that is needed is a dry erase marker and something to remove the marks when the user is done. Children may use them to practice spelling words, adults often rely on these boards when making a list of items to pick up at the store, and employees might find a board of this type to be of great help when brainstorming or collaborating on a project.


Why use countless sheets of paper to create worksheets for children or make a list of instructions for someone who will be watching your home while you are away? The dry erase whiteboard can be used for these and many other tasks. When the information is no longer needed, simply erase the words and start anew.

People often find the boards to be of great help when they need to quickly explain something or have an idea they want to jot down for later use. Steps can be written and erased when they are completed, so it is easy to see where one is on a project, and the board is helpful in a variety of other situations. Once the information is not needed any more, it is simply removed with a swipe of the eraser.


Purchase an adhesive whiteboard and you may wonder how you ever lived without one in the past. The board can be used for whatever a person needs to write down. Obviously, one would not want to turn to this type of board to write the next great American novel as someone may accidentally erase it. However, it’s perfect for working out a math equation, jotting down feedback during a meeting, or leaving a note for the spouse.

No electricity is needed to use the board and it works without a computer. This means it can go anywhere the user goes with ease. To use it this way, the owner simply needs to attach the stick on whiteboard to a backing surface that can easily be transported.

Clean and Non-Allergenic

Chalk on a traditional blackboard can produce harmful and allergenic dust. Although some people have no problems using chalk, others find doing so makes them ill. This is not the case with a peel and stick whiteboard.

The markers aren’t messy and don’t break when dropped. They leave no dust behind when used and marks that end up where they aren’t supposed to be can easily be erased. Additionally, the markers last for an extended period of time when properly stored.


A stick-on whiteboard encourages everyone to participate and the board may be used by multiple people at one time. They allow for collaboration among individuals and facilitates input. Furthermore, David Miller in his book EXP Maths states the boards help with concentration, encourage participation, and motivate users. They offer a different approach to learning while making it fun and educational.


Use of an adhesive whiteboard helps to save funds. They cost very little in terms of upkeep and maintenance, as the only regular expense once the board has been purchased is dry erase markers. A cleaner may be needed if the writing is left on the board for an extended period of time, but most marks wipe off with ease. An eraser will likely need to be purchased periodically based on how often the item is used. Overall, however, dry erase whiteboards cost less than worksheets, flip-charts, and more.

Consider making the switch to a whiteboard today. Those who do so find these writing surfaces to be of great benefit. In fact, many individuals who purchase a board of this type for one location will discover they want more for their home, office, and other places they need it. These boards are simply that helpful.

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