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peel & stick whiteboard + marker

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Whiteboards Unbound

Simply Peel & Stick!
In minutes, apply your whiteboard to the walls in your home and or office.

Save Money
Get the whiteboard you need for a fraction of the cost of traditional whiteboards.

Projector Screen - With a Matte White Finish project and write on the same surface.


Self Adhesive
Peel off the backing and stick to just about any smooth surface.
Stain Proof Surface
Use any dry erase marker, it erases every time and if it doesn't, let us know!



Use scissors or a box cutter to cut to your desired dimensions.

Renew & Reuse!

Resurface old whiteboards and blackboards with ease!

something to writey home about

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Shaw
Great Product!!

Super easy to put up. I didnt follow the instructions exactly so its up slightly crooked but thats my own fault. This was a great price alternative for the large space to whiteboard.

Robert Rosenberg
Great product, Outstanding service!

There are similar whiteboard products available online. My decision to purchase from WRITEY was based in part on the website reviews and more specifically, the responses from [****]. He is truly dedicated to customer service and making sure a customer is satisfied. This type of personal involvement is not often seen. The items I purchased - matte blackboard material, markers and Remooble fluid clearner, are of great quality.

jennifer semanske


I can’t say that im a fan

I really thought it would be useful for my co founder and myself, since we change office locations every few weeks. This seems to be a “set it and forget it” kind of whiteboard. I was really hoping I would have the ability to remove it everyday when leaving the office, a shared co working space.

Hi Sir,
Thank you for your purchase. As for your negative review I feel that it is unwarranted as the product you bought is not advertised as a removeable and restickable item. We have another product that is made for that use. If you would like to contact me then I can certainly help you out and we will get you the correct whiteboard for your needs. I will look forward to hearing from you.


Jose Garcia



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