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Our most brilliant array of colors.

Chalk markers give you all the amazing erase ability of dry erase markers, with the visual boldness only liquid chalk.

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Chalk Markers image


  • Bullet Tip
  • No Dust
  • Non-Toxic
  • Zero Odor
  • Vivid Colors


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Color your life

With Writey's chalk pens, you can create stand out bistro easels, colorful cafe menus, or even show support for the home team on your car window.

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perfect for:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Chalkboards
  • Dry Erase Wall Paint
  • Glazed Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Any other non-porous surface!
Chalk Markers image

Chalk Markers

For years, most people associated any type of chalk markers with schools. While teachers continue to use markers in classroom settings, other businesses like coffee shops, bistros, restaurants, and bars now routinely use liquid chalk markers.

What Are Chalk Markers?

The very title tends to create confusion for some people. Today’s chalk markers use pigmented inks rather than old-fashioned chalk. Quality markers create a look that resembles traditional chalk, but the colors are more intense and easily attract a viewer’s attention.

Why Use Modern Markers Rather Than Traditional Chalk?

Traditional chalk is messy. The dust gets everywhere, and teachers can attest to the fact that chalk dust can ruin clothing. A modern chalk marker, on the other hand, leaves a dry surface that’s unlikely to transfer to a user’s clothing. However, it does take the fluid to dry, so it’s important to avoid coming in contact with it while it’s wet.

Arguably the most important benefit of modern markers is their lack of fading. Traditional chalk, whiteboard markers, and Sharpies all tend to fade rather quickly. The dyes used in quality markers from Writey don’t fade, which means drawings and messages created using a modern chalk marker can be left in harsh sunlight without rapidly fading.

Tips for Using Markers

It’s a good idea to use any product as the manufacturer intended, and that’s true of markers. That’s why users are always encouraged to exercise care when using any type of marker. There are a few tips manufacturers unanimously recommend.

Before using markers, it’s important to remember they only work with non-porous surfaces. Glass, whiteboards, metal, and other surfaces will accept the marker fluid.

Most chalkboards are compatible with today’s markers, but some surfaces won’t. If you’re unsure of the type of surface you’re using, test a small spot to determine how the marker fluid affects the surface.

Once you’ve determined the surface being used is non-porous and is appropriate for markers, there are a couple of tips to take advantage of.

  • 1. Always clean the surface before using markers. If applied to a dirty surface, the marker won’t perform properly. Rather than providing superb, colorful results, markers won’t adhere correctly, and the color quality may suffer.

  • 2. Allow the ink to dry before touching or adding other colors in adjacent spaces. It only takes a couple of minutes for the ink to dry.

  • 3. Use a clean, damp cloth when cleaning. Water works for some markers, but others are intended to be waterproof. Those can usually be cleaned using a window cleaner or similar liquid.

If you’ve got questions about specific markers, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or contact Writey’s staff members for advice.

Since the markers are so versatile, they easily meet the needs of all types of users. Use them for arts and crafts, store signs, restaurant menus, and for many home décor uses. Take the time to explore the many ways a modern chalk marker will add color and flair to your message or artwork.

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