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Our most brilliant array of colors.

Chalk markers give you all the amazing erase ability of dry erase markers, with the visual boldness only liquid chalk.


  • Bullet Tip
  • No Dust
  • Non-Toxic
  • Zero Odor
  • Vivid Colors


Color your life

With Writey's chalk pens, you can create stand out bistro easels, colorful cafe menus, or even show support for the home team on your car window.

perfect for:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Chalkboards
  • Dry Erase Wall Paint
  • Glazed Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Any other non-porous surface!

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Customer Reviews

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Susan Lafayette

Chalk Markers

Alexander Roth

Great for writing stuff on my fridge.

Complete Garbage

I put up the black "whiteboard" and the only marker that can write on it AT ALL is the white one that came with it. All of the other markers I bought, including the white ones, are either dried out or just completely worthless from the start, and don't leave any mark at all on the black whiteboard. The white marker that came with it, leaves an almost-invisible mark. It can be read, but just barely. All of this is horrible junk.

I am so sorry that you are having a negative experience. Our markers need to be primed by pushing the tip on a hard surface to get the ink flowing(30-60 sec). Once that is done the y will right wonderfully. In addition there is a protective covering on the front of the board that you may have not removed. If you have any further questions or concerns please let me know and I will take care of it for you. My direct email is

James Trost
Simple and clean

I love these! Bright colors, clean tip allowing a clean professional scripting.

Rich Dow
Work great

We have chalkboard paint at our bar. Other markers are often hard to erase. So far so good with these!

Known as liquid chalk, chalk markers have long been a popular choice for those looking for an erasable alternative to dry erase markers and traditional chalk sticks. Available in a wide array of colors, these markers are sure to brighter your work, school, and home environment, offering an excellent way to draw and write on a wide variety of surfaces. The Colors Our chalk markers come in packs of 8 different colors. You can choose from either our neon or earth ranges, providing you with full sets of colors that match well with one another and provide eye-catching results. These markers are pigment-based, and this means that the color doesn’t fade over time and will look great on surfaces of any color. A Variety Of Surfaces Chalk Markers have been designed to be versatile and easy to use and can be used on just about any non-porous surface. This includes, but is not limited to, windows, whiteboards, blackboards, plastic, and ceramics. Erasable & Stain-Free Once dried, chalk markers form a chalk-like powder on the surfaces they have been used on. This can be wiped clean using a damp cloth without leaving stubborn stains. This makes them popular for use in environments like schools and workplaces. Safe To Use Chalk Markers are designed to be safe to use. They are completely non-toxic and produce no odor, while also being free from the dust that comes with regular chalk. This makes them especially ideal for use around children, with their vivid colors providing an exciting visual experience.


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