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Restickable calendar + marker

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Peel, Stick, Organize

Apply Instantly
Just peel and stick your calendar in any location. No tools. No air bubbles. No residue.

Restickable Adhesive Backing
If and when you want to remove your whiteboard, simply peel it down and slap it on another smooth surface.


Textured walls? No Problem.
You will always have a smooth writing surface! The thin PE foam layer between the whiteboard surface and adhesive backing acts as a cushion for walls with heavy texturing.

Stain Proof
Use any dry erase marker, it will erase every time.

Crease Resistant
With the ultra-flexible foam layer this whiteboard doesn't turn into a giant sticker ball if it sticks to itself, plus it's rollable!


Get Organized

  • Stick where you want
  • Write what you need to
  • Remove when you need to
  • Roll up for storage

Get Productive

“I don’t need a calendar, I’ve got a smartphone” It’s been proven that people who physically write reminders also improve their memory!

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Customer Reviews

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Hi Thank you for your review. The products you ordered are 2 totally different items. The Premium foam is designed with a foam core and therefore is more sturdy and works great on a slightly textured surface. it is alsomore expensive. Our original is designed to be lightweight and works on a smooth surface such as recovering chalkboards office walls and dorm rooms.
Hi,I believe we have spoken about this through email or live chat. To reconfirm the updated ship date should be 6/8 as that is when we will receive our product in. I continue to appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this. You are correct that our running out of product was due to the virus and we appreciate all of our customers for the support and we will be back on track and fully stocked next week. Stay safe and well!!!


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