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Whiteboard Calendars

Restickable calendar + marker

Whiteboard Calendar image
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Peel, Stick, Organize

Apply Instantly
Just peel and stick your calendar in any location. No tools. No air bubbles. No residue.

Restickable Adhesive Backing
If and when you want to remove your whiteboard, simply peel it down and slap it on another smooth surface.


Textured walls? No Problem.
You will always have a smooth writing surface! The thin PE foam layer between the whiteboard surface and adhesive backing acts as a cushion for walls with heavy texturing.

Stain Proof
Use any dry erase marker, it will erase every time.

Crease Resistant
With the ultra-flexible foam layer this whiteboard doesn't turn into a giant sticker ball if it sticks to itself, plus it's rollable!


Get Organized

  • Stick where you want
  • Write what you need to
  • Remove when you need to
  • Roll up for storage

Get Productive

“I don’t need a calendar, I’ve got a smartphone” It’s been proven that people who physically write reminders also improve their memory!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Kevin DeBroka
Great organizational tool

The boards are great for organizing my kids day to day activities.

Mariane Whittemore
Great for homebound senior!

This is great for my homebound Dad to keep track of his weekly PT appointments, Dr visits, birthdays and other important events. Easy to put up right next to his bed so he can see it first thing in the morning.

Fuse Sallee
Works great!

Went on pretty easy! Looks awesome

Jay Griffith
Spreading the word

This product has made putting up and taking down calendars and whiteboards a breeze. They are suitable for both the office and home. The product and price point make it a no-brainer!


It is a very good product but my shawl markers did not arrive in the package and they did charge me for them but I did not have time to check why they did not arrive


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