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restickable weekly or monthly calendar + marker


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from unorganized to fun-organized!

Our stick on calendars are applied in seconds to any surface, from refrigerator to wall and everything in between. With Premium foam technology you can stick your organizer on virtually any wall! Perfect for either an individual, or families, teams, and more. Your kitchen, office, or school will never be the same!

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WriteyBoard Premium’s foam core and restickable adhesive gives users unique benefits:

  • Applies Instantly!
  • Crease and fold resistant.
  • Doesn’t conform to wall small wall textures
  • Remove, roll up and reapply on another surface.


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get organized

“I don’t need a calendar, I’ve got a smartphone” It’s been proven that people who physically write reminders also improve their memory!

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get productive

When you note down your events and reminders, it helps your brain to unload some mental baggage, making it more efficient to take on other tasks.

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