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Our stick on calendars are applied in seconds to any surface, from refrigerator to wall and everything in between. With Premium foam technology you can stick your organizer on virtually any wall! Perfect for either an individual, or families, teams, and more. Your kitchen, office, or school will never be the same!

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WriteyBoard Premium’s foam core and restickable adhesive gives users unique benefits:

  • Applies Instantly!
  • Crease and fold resistant.
  • Doesn’t conform to wall small wall textures
  • Remove, roll up and reapply on another surface.


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get organized

“I don’t need a calendar, I’ve got a smartphone” It’s been proven that people who physically write reminders also improve their memory!

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get productive

When you note down your events and reminders, it helps your brain to unload some mental baggage, making it more efficient to take on other tasks.

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Premium Planners

There are lots of smartphone apps that promise to help you sharpen your organizational skills, but these are often lacking in usefulness and can be hard to use. If you struggle with digital calendars, a whiteboard calendar might be just what you need to help keep yourself and your family running on schedule. Scheduling on a white board offers certain benefits not found in digital calendars. First, physically writing down your responsibilities, such as activities, appointments, and events, can help you remember them. Second, seeing those responsibilities spread out on a large weekly or monthly whiteboard gives you a better view of the big picture for your life at any point in time. Finally, by using a whiteboard displayed in a prominent area of your home, you can ensure that the entire family sees it and is on the same page. When you are ready to ditch the digital calendar in favor of a whiteboard, Writey's restickable premium planners are perfect for keeping yourself and the entire family organized.

Weekly Planner

The weekly dry erase calendar by Writey is perfect for families with multiple children and lots of extracurricular activities. It is also great for individuals with busy weekday schedules. Writey's weekly planner has extra-large spaces for Monday through Friday. These spaces provide ample room for families to keep track of the activities and events that occur for each member on a regular basis, as well as those one-time appointments and irregular activities that take place from time to time. The extra-large weekday spaces can also be used by professionals to keep track of important meetings and deadlines. The weekly planner has spaces for Saturday and Sunday as well. Though they are smaller, they still have enough room to record sporting events, movies, and other weekend activities. Also, present on the weekly planner are a to-do list section and an ideas section. These sections are great for jotting down things that need to be completed during the week or later on in the future.

Monthly Planner

The monthly calendar planner is a game-changer for those who prefer to see their entire schedule laid out for them at a single glance. Organized in a large grid format, there is plenty of space in each box to record appointments, events, and more. Each large square of the grid contains a small box for filling in the date. Writey's monthly planner is perfect for families and individuals who have a pretty consistent schedule that does not vary much from week to week. At the beginning of each month, all you need to do is write the name of the month at the top, then fill in the dates in the small boxes. Once that is done, you are ready to fill up your calendar with events, appointments, activities, and more. You will find yourself completely organized for the entire month with no need to make out a weekly schedule. However, if the need to make a change does arise, it's no big deal. Since the planner is a whiteboard, it is easy to erase one item and fill in another.

Two Size Options

When it comes to choosing a Writey white board calendar, you have two choices in sizes for both the weekly planner and the monthly planner. If you prefer a larger calendar, then the 2x3 foot calendar is the one for you. The large size looks great in a kitchen, classroom, or meeting room and works well for a large group of people, such as a family, class, or group of workers. The spaces for writing are larger, so there is room to keep track of many activities, appointments, and events. If the 2x3 foot calendar seems too large, then the 1x1.5 foot calendar is a better option. Since it can fit into a smaller space, it is a great option for apartments and small offices. Though the spaces for writing are smaller, they are still sufficient for individuals and small families.

Writey's restickable premium planners work great on a variety of home, school, and office surfaces, from refrigerators to walls. They are made of a premium foam core that is both crease- and fold-resistant and does not conform to the texture of walls. The restickable planners can be applied easily in seconds. Simply unroll, peel, and stick. They can also be removed, rolled up again, and reapplied in a different location. Each calendar whiteboard comes with its own dry-erase marker. Additional markers are available, so you can choose a different color for each family member. Other available accessories include chalk markers, cleaning spray, and cloths.

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