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Sticky Notes

10-pack dry erase sticky notes + marker

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yes, dry erase sticky notes are a thing

Our 3 x 3-inch note size reusable dry erase sticky notes make leaving a message easy, and changing a message even easier. Made a mistake? Want to add a thought? Just wipe clean, write, and stick the whiteboard notes anywhere!

The Original WriteyBoard is our most affordable option and is perfect for those who don’t want the added feature of reapplying their whiteboards.

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WriteyBoard Premium’s foam core and restickable adhesive gives users unique benefits:

  • 10 Dry-Erase Sheets & Marker
  • Reusable, Removable & Repositionable
  • Use for reminders, to-do notes & messages
  • No more wasted paper for reminders


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Dry Erase Sticky Notes

Sticky notes have been the cornerstone of note-taking for ages, assisting in the organization of a person's home, classroom, or office. However, the more notes a person takes, the more money they spend on buying new sticky notes. Fortunately, Writey provides a cost-effective solution with dry erase sticky notes.

The Benefits of Dry Erase Sticky Notes

Writey’s dry erase sticky notes are 3” x 3”, comes in a 10-pack, and includes a dry erase marker. There are many benefits to dry erase sticky notes, including the following:

Removable and Repositionable

Dry erase sticky notes are just as removable as the traditional paper sticky notes. They never leave a sticky residue behind and can be repositioned as many times as needed.


When a person writes on a traditional paper sticky note using a marker or pen, their work is permanent and the sticky note can’t be reused. Even if a person uses a pencil, there are usually marks left behind after it has been erased. Dry erase sticky notes can be erased and reused without the marker leaving a residue behind.

Cuts Down on Waste

Heavy note-takers often end up with trash cans full of old paper sticky notes. In a time when sustainability is of critical importance, Writey’s dry erase sticky notes can help these individuals cut down on their paper waste.

Save Money

Paper sticky notes are single-use items. Over the years, the cost of buying new sticky notes can add up. Dry erase sticky notes will never run out, saving a person money over time.

Dry Erase Sticky Note Applications

Dry erase sticky notes can be used in a wide range of places, including:


Dry erase sticky notes can be used as scrap paper, and they never need to be thrown away. Whether it is drawing, taking notes, or doing quick arithmetic, they help keep students and teachers organized.


Dry erase sticky notes can be attached to desks, presentation boards, and conference tables. They can be used to take notes on a presentation, keep track of questions about work, tracking data, or just write down a phone number to call back and erase when finished.


Most homes have notes attached to a corkboard or refrigerator that help a person keep track of groceries they need, document upcoming events, or leave messages for other people in the house. Reusable dry erase sticky notes are a sustainable and mess-free way to stay organized around the home.

Families with small children can encourage their kids' creativity by allowing them to use dry erase sticky notes in their play area. Children can draw pictures and make art without their parents needing to worry about permanent damage to their walls.

Traditional paper sticky notes are popular, but their cost can add up quickly and they create a lot of waste. Dry erase sticky notes help a person stay organized while saving them money and reducing their carbon footprint.

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