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Spray Cleaner


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The magical spray

Permanent marker, ghosting and staining are inevitable in some cases. Remooble is the miracle cleaner for all those tough jobs that just won't erase. We don't say this lightly, but this cleaner is by far the most effective whiteboard cleaner we've ever used.

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erase anything

  • Removes permanent marker
  • Tough marks/gunk
  • Removes ghosting
  • No dripping after sprayed!
  • Will not damage your Writey surface


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perfect for schools!

Remooble is also the only spray cleaner that has the AP seal certifying that it is nontoxic and safe for schools and kids, yet powerful enough to remove the toughest marks and ghosting, without harming the dry erase surface.

  • 100% green chemistry
  • Safe to be used by children and families
  • Removes adhesive from tape & post it notes
  • Low to no odor
  • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing
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If your whiteboard has stains that just won’t come off, Remooble can help. It’s easy to use; simply spray it on and wipe away permanent marker and other stains. With our spray-on whiteboard cleaner, it’s easy to get the clean slate you’re looking for.

Non-Toxic and Safe Ingredients

Our product is the only whiteboard cleaner with the AP seal. Why is this seal so important? It signifies that the product is non-toxic, which makes it safe enough to use around children and pets. Just because it’s safe, though, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. With this product, you can remove the toughest marks easily and quickly, all without harming the whiteboard surface.

With every bottle, you’ll get:

  • 1. The reassurance of knowing the product is safe enough to use around pets and kids
  • 2. Non-toxic, safe ingredients
  • 3. Quick removal of adhesive from sticky notes and tape
  • 4. Almost no odor
  • 5. No sensitivity- or irritation-causing ingredients
  • 6. Fast removal of permanent marker and ghost markings
  • 6. Preservation of your whiteboard’s surface

Wipe Away the Remnants of the Day

Offices are great places for brainstorming sessions, but if you’re writing down those great ideas, it can get messy quickly. With Remooble whiteboard cleaner, however, you can get rid of those marks fast and leave your whiteboard ready for the next meeting.

Great for Teachers

In the past, teachers used chalk on a blackboard. However, times have really changed. Most of today’s classrooms feature whiteboards, which are much easier to keep clean. During the school day, a teacher may use a dry erase marker dozens of times, which can leave their whiteboard looking worse for wear. With this non-toxic whiteboard cleaner, teachers can get a fresh start every day.

Use it in a Home Office

More than ever, people are working from home. If your home office includes a whiteboard, you know just how hard it is to keep it clean. We’re making it easier with our spray-on, wipe-away whiteboard cleaner. No matter how busy your day gets, we’ll help you keep your office clean and your ideas organized.

Directions for Use

This spray-on whiteboard cleaner couldn’t be simpler to use. It works best if you’ve used a whiteboard eraser to remove any stray marker lines. After you’ve erased the board, just spritz it on and wipe it away. Alternatively, you can spray the product onto a clean, lint-free cloth before wiping the whiteboard clean.

Try Our Cleaner Today

You don’t have to deal with a dirty, stained whiteboard anymore, and you’re no longer stuck with smelly, toxic, and ineffective cleaners. When you use Remooble’s dry erase board cleaning products, you’re getting a safe, effective, and fast-working solution. Wipe away permanent marker, ghosting, and stains to reveal the clean, new surface underneath. Try our eight-ounce single bottle or stock up with our 12-pack.

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