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Writey Co. Gift Cards are the perfect gift for anyone that can use a whiteboard for their office, home, classroom, dorm room, and many other locations!

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Writey Boards Gift Cards

Holidays, birthdays, appreciation days, and a simple thank-you are all occasions where you can give someone a unique gift this year. If other gift giving ideas are becoming stale, or you just can’t come up with a fitting gift for a friend, colleague, or family member, consider a Writey gift card for your next gift-giving opportunity. Writey products are useful for a wide range of activities and needs, and are often used by schools, businesses, artists, and families alike.

Why give a gift card?

Aren’t gift cards somewhat of a last-minute or disingenuous gift to give someone, especially to a person you know well? Absolutely not! There are several reasons why gift cards can make a great gift. Instead of giving someone an eventual throw-away gift, give them something that allows them to purchase what they really want or need. For people like co-workers, teachers, or other people who may not be particularly close with, a gift card can be a safe but thoughtful way of showing your appreciation.

The flexibility gift cards offer in terms of price range are another reason why Writey gift cards are the way to go. Whether you need a small gift or large one, you get to choose between $10 and $100 the amount you want to give. Writey has many different products in this price range, so gift card recipients should have no trouble finding the perfect item. For occasions such as appreciation events, you can also team up with others to gift a larger amount on the card or purchase multiple gift cards so the recipient has the option to pick out a bigger ticket item for themselves.

Who are Writey gift cards good for?

Writey offers a variety of products to meet many different needs. From stick-on white boards, to markers and other accessories, and even to wall planners, almost anyone can find an item perfect for their home or office.

Teachers can benefit from extra white board space in their classrooms with stick-on WriteyBoards. Friends in the business world can use a WriteyDesk to jot down notes or use on collaborative projects with co-workers. Families can enhance play areas or homeschool spaces with dry erase paint and accessories. Schools, hospitals, non-profits, churches, government buildings, and homes can all use Writey products, which makes Writey gift cards a universal gift option.

What products can Writey gift cards be used to purchase?

Writey gift cards can be used to purchase any of our Writey products listed on the website. A short description of these items is found below:

Peel and Stick Whiteboards. These come rolled up in a tube that users can stick to any flat, non-porous surface. They don’t require drilling holes in the wall like traditional whiteboards might. Customers can choose from black or white varieties to fit an overall theme or use. Black peel and stick boards work with the neon markers, while white works with standard white board markers. Both black and white board options come in different sizes to fit most spaces. These are great for using in classrooms, offices, and even homes. Price range: $25-250.

WriteyPaint. For more creatively sized writing areas, WriteyPaint is perfect for covering smooth walls, wood, or even metal objects. It gives users flexibility over where the writing surface is applied and how big or small of an area it needs to cover. WriteyPaint is useful for classrooms, home playrooms, offices, churches, and more. Price range: $80+.

WriteyDesk. WriteyDesks solve the dilemma of being without note paper when you need it, as you can write directly on the desk’s surface and erase when you no longer need the information. The WriteyDesk also helps cut down on paper clutter on top of a work space, as notes, lists, and ideas are simply laid out on the surface. The best part about this reusable writing and workspace desk is that it fulfills that inmost desire for teachers, businessmen, and even kids to write on the table. Price range: $350-450.

Whiteboard Sticky Notes. This is the last pack of sticky notes one will ever need. Reusable white board sticky notes are the sustainable option for repetitive note writing, as they offer the user the option to erase the message when no longer needed and write something new later on. These 3X3 sticky notes help keep everyone in the office, school, or home become a little more organized. Price range: $3/10 pack.

Premium Planners. These weekly and monthly wall planners are great for organizing, adjusting, and color-coding all types of schedules. The whiteboard surface is reusable, so users can erase outdated information and update when needed. Homes, offices, hospitals, schools, churches, and other places can easily use this simple design for their calendar needs. The weekly calendar comes in two different sizes to choose from, while monthly is currently available in the 2’X3’ design. Price range: $12-30.

Accessories. Items such as cleaning solution, extra markers, and cleaning cloth are always great to help someone stock up on for their daily whiteboard use. Our Remoodle cleaning solution removes tough residue and permanent marker but is also non-toxic, so it is safe to use around kids. Teachers and parents no longer have to worry about someone permanently ruining their whiteboard again. Restocking quality whiteboard accessory items is now just a click away. Price range: $6-15. Whiteboards are no longer just for school or office use. Many everyday people, families, kids, and artists are using whiteboards for their own needs. Gone are the days of clunky and heavy boards of the past. Now everyone can enjoy the simple installation of WriteyBoards or WriteyPaint in their space. From schools, to offices, to homes, and elsewhere, WriteyBoards and Writey products are must-have alternatives to the traditional whiteboard scene.

If you think someone’s life would be enhanced by Writey products, but aren’t sure what to get them, grab a gift card and let them find their perfect item. With the variety of options on our website, they are likely to find something to support their creative, organizational, or practical needs.