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1 can. 1 coat. 1 whiteboard.

A can of WriteyPaint will transform any wall into a whiteboard wall. WriteyPaint is the highest quality and easiest to apply dry erase paint on the market. With WriteyPaint you don’t have to break the bank (or your back) to install a dynamic floor to ceiling whiteboard!

2 finishes: Transparent paint, for those that want to maintain the color of their wall, and classic White paint.

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WriteyPaint is the perfect synthesis of wall and whiteboard. Keep the color of your walls with Transparent WriteyPaint or get some contrast with White WriteyPaint.

  • Patented Paint Formula
  • Write on in 48 Hours*
  • One Can, No Mixing
  • Guaranteed to Erase
  • 5-year limited Warranty


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what’s in the kit

  • WriteyPaint
  • 9" foam roller
  • 1 dry erase cloth
  • 1 dry erase marker
  • 1 spray cleaner
  • Detailed instructions
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recommended surfaces

  • 100% sealed surfaces
  • Drywall
  • Wall paper
  • Metal
  • Wood
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how to install paint

Dry Erase Wall Paint

An innovative new trend in functional interior decorating is dry erase wall paint. Individuals can use this paint in a variety of rooms to add a modern touch to their space and give others around them a way to express themselves. Writey dry erase paint can transform a child’s playroom into a creative wonderland, allowing them to write on wall paint without consequence. An office can go from mundane to rivaling the modern and innovative workspace offered by tech giants like Google. The possibilities are endless.

What is Dry Erase Wall Paint?

Dry erase wall paint, or white board paint is a coating that is applied over the existing wall to create a safe place for dry erase markers to be used. While other brands of dry erase board paint require mixing two or more chemicals before applying it to a wall, Writey only uses one can. There is no mixing required.

There a few things to know about dry erase board paint before applying it, including the following.

Recommended Surfaces

There are a variety of places that one can use Whitey white board wall paint including sealed surfaces, wood, metal, wallpaper, and drywall. Individuals who want to keep the color of their wall can use transparent dry erase paint. For those who want to add a pop to their design, opaque whiteboard marker paint is their best option.

Cure Time

Though it’s tempting, it is essential to resist the urge to break out the dry erase markers as soon as the wall feels dry. It is recommended that the marker board cure for 48 hours before markers are used on it.

How to Use Dry Erase Wall Paint

Ready to transform a room? Below is an overview of the steps one needs to follow when preparing to paint a wall with dry erase paint.

1.) Prep the Area

As with any painting project, the room being painted should be protected to prevent stains or damage from drops and spills. Floors should be covered in plastic, any furniture that can be moved should be pushed out of the way, and permanent fixtures should have a cover secured down with painters tape.

2.) Be Sure the Wall is Smooth

To get the best looking dry erase wall, one should make sure the wall is smooth. Any holes or dents should be filled with drywall mud, allowed to dry, and then be sanded smooth.

3.) Make Sure the Wall is Ready

While it can be used on most surfaces without much preparation, it is best if there are 1-2 coats of primer applied to the wall first. Additionally, those who want to feature a little color on their wall should apply it after the primer.

4.) Apply and Dry

It’s time to apply the marker board paint! In most cases, only one coat is necessary to transform the wall into a dry erase board. Allow the paint to cure completely and then break out the markers!

Ideas for Using Whiteboard Wall Paint

There are so many uses for dry erase paint. One can truly let their imagination fly free. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

In the Kitchen

Most kitchens feature a calendar or a corkboard with pertinent information tacked to it. These strategies can be chaotic and make the kitchen look disorganized. Instead, one can apply whiteboard paint to the walls or inside the cabinet doors. These spaces can be used to write messages, make grocery lists, and even create a fun calendar.

In the Office

Brainstorming can be significantly enhanced by using dry erase paint on the walls. Forward-thinking professionals can hash out ideas in real-time, improve their presentations, and work together with team members to tackle problems.

In the Classroom

Teachers can create a fantastic learning environment by painting their classrooms with dry erase wall paint. They can invite students to actively participate in lessons by drawing on the walls. Additionally, they can write class bulletins and assignments on them in a creative and engaging manner.

Time to Get Creative

Whiteboard walls paint is an amazing way to foster creativity and boost productivity in a variety of environments. Pick up a kit and transform your rooms today.

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