White Whiteboard Paint White Whiteboard Paint

White Whiteboard Paint

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For those who enjoy a contrast between wall and whiteboard but hate the obstructive qualities of traditional whiteboards (cumbersome, over-priced, drilling, sharp edges, etc) WriteyBoard WHITE dry erase wall paint is here to save the day. Providing settings with a platform for visualizing ideas and concepts has never been easier with WriteyBoard WHITE. Our smallest can of WriteyBoard white dry erase board paint yields an astounding 4' x 6' writing surface! That's the best value on the planet for whiteboard paint for walls!

*Like all other light color paints, when applying whiteboard paint over a dark surface, use a white wall primer prior to applying WriteyBoard dry erase paint.

  • Premium 5-Piece Kit includes your white paint, 9" roller, 2 dry erase cloths and a marker
  • White Erase Board Paint has Superior Dry Erase Performance
  • Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint has a 72 Hour Cure Time
  • No Mixing, Only One Coat of Whiteboard Paint is Needed
  • Dry Erase Wall Paint is Ideal For the Home, School or Office
  • Whiteboard Wall Paint has a 10 Year Warranty

Not sure how much you need? Use our calculator to figure out a guesstimate

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