White Premium Restickable WriteyBoard White Premium Restickable WriteyBoard

White Premium Restickable WriteyBoard

$ 12.99

Restickable is our newest line of stick on whiteboards with our patent pending Foam Integration Cushion Technology (FICT). Similar to concept to the mousepad on your desk, the flexible foam layer gives you a perfectly smooth writing surface that won't conform to wall texture. FICT allows your premium roll up whiteboard to be stuck to the wall without any bubbles or wrinkles. We know you never stop thinking so why should your Writeyboard stop moving. Take your stick on dry erase board with you. Simply remove, roll up and reapply anywhere creative thinking is needed. A flexible whiteboard roll is where versatility meets affordability.

  • True Portability of this roll up dry erase board makes mobility a reality
  • EZ Install in seconds; no wrinkles, no bubbles, guaranteed.
  • Adaptive foam backing creates a smooth surface, every time!
  • Dry-Erase Performance that is second to none

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