Your Monthly Dose of Wisdom From Fellow WhiteBoard Enthusiasts

May is nearing an end but that doesn’t mean the inspiration needs to, too!

Staying motivated is a daily task that requires constant reminding, affirmation, and inspiration. Load up on what you need now with these 10 whiteboard wisdom quotes below.

They’re inspiring, uplifting, and even feature the likes of Prince and Dr. Seuss. Enjoy!


1) Calling all Procrastinators

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What’s important to you? Figure it out and go after it!


2) No More Drama

Don’t let the Regina George’s get the best of you. Keep your head up and keep on truckin’.


3) Life’s Lessons

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Be determined to learn.Learn for your own personal growth and nothing else.


4) Good Night Sweet Prince

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As a great man once said…


5) No Sunshine Without Rain

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Find positivity even when times seem stormy.


6) Flip Your Perspective

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Turn painful history into useful wisdom.


7) Our Favorite Dr.

Dr. Seuss loves you just the way you are!


8)Honey to-do List

Who can forget to dochores when such creative reminders like this exist!


9) Be Decisive

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Decide on your course of action and before long, you’ll see your desired results come to life. 


10) Walk before you run

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Let us all remember that everyone was a beginner at something, sometime.


Feeling motivated yet? If so, then grab life by horns and conquer that next hurdle! We believe in you and we’re pumped to see what you accomplish next!

If this post inspires you to write some whiteboard sayings of your own, share now by writing and sharing your ideas on a WriteyBoard. Be sure to add to the #whiteboardwisdom community and keep an eye out to see if your quote makes next month’s list!

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