Can You Paint A Whiteboard?

Yes! Patented Writey Whiteboard Paint is a dry erase paint application you apply directly to your wall or smooth surface. It's a whiteboard in a can! Pour it and paint it to any wall you want to transform it into a dry erase whiteboard. Our dry erase paint is the only paint on the market that is a roll on application that only takes one can and a single coat to achieve a dry erase surface on the location you need it most.

The amazing ability of Writey Whiteboard Paint to be applied with a single coat allows you to paint on a huge whiteboard in places you never could before. Hallways, conference rooms, even home offices, and bedrooms.

Does Whiteboard Paint Work?

Not only does whiteboard paint work. But it performs better and is much cheaper than traditional whiteboards. Use any of your favorite dry erase markers, they'll wipe right off. Whether you're looking to save money on traditional whiteboards or you’re creating a modern dry-erase canvas, whiteboard paint is your brainstorming solution.

It also works in the greater scheme of things. In an article by the Office Bullet, having a whiteboard at a glance can provide a clearer message, boost communication & planning, and add creativity.

Why Is Whiteboard Paint Better Than A Whiteboard

  • No hassle - Save time, energy and money. Whiteboard paint costs less per square foot than traditional classroom whiteboards, easy to apply,  and is much less labor-intensive. 
  • No heavy lifting - if you want a brainstorming canvas capable of handling all your ideas, that’s a cumbersome task requiring multiple people to install that monster. Whiteboard paint requires one person and one roller, which we include for you.
  • No drilling - It’s a seamless marriage between wall and whiteboard. No power tools required.
benefits of using a whiteboard

How Whiteboard Paint Works

The beauty of our whiteboard wall paint is that it doesn’t require you to mix this can into that can like other brands. Our patented formula is a white board in a single can. The high performing, HDI polymer mixture makes it simple to simply pour, paint, wait and create. One coat is all it takes to transform your walls or smooth surfaces into dry erase surfaces. It bonds to the surface of your wall or smooth surface one applied. 


How to paint on a whiteboard

How Much Does Whiteboard Paint Cost?

While a large traditional dry erase board can cost you a boat-load of cash over $700. A single can of whiteboard paint costs only $52 in the Writey Store. We even have amazing deals over on amazon. Other whiteboard paints brands can charge you over $225 for 50sqft! A can of 50sqft from Writey Whiteboard Paint is at the sweet, low price of $120

How To Get Whiteboard Paint Off Wall

Use 100-150 grit sandpaper to scuff up the surface and apply a primer or simply paint over the top of the former whiteboard paint surface. 

Whiteboard Paint: The Whiteboard Revolution

Whiteboard paint is the contemporary way to give yourself or office workers more thinking space. And with Writey Whiteboard Paint it has never been easier. Our whiteboard paint is used in some of the most prestigious offices all over the world. Apple, Microsoft, Space X, Tinder, and Nike, are just to name a few of our happy clients. It's no wonder why Mark Cuban is apart of our mission to make dry-erase canvases more versatile to have them where they couldn't be used before.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any clever places you have or will paint on your whiteboard?

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