Revitalizing the office bulletin board

Spread information through your office with a company bulletin board.

When employed creatively, a whiteboard bulletin board can add value to your office in terms of productivity, collaboration and style (don't discount atmosphere). For example, a whiteboard wall can turn from office partition to community gathering space if you make it the office bulletin board. These old-school message boards don't need a computer monitor or Internet connection to unite your employees - dry erase markers can do the trick! Here are some creative office bulletin board ideas and innovative office ideas on how to turn your whiteboard bulletin board into a creative and collaborative space:


Size matters

A bulletin board is a place where people can write down information, share notices and talk about company goings-on, so it can fill up quickly. Make sure your office bulletin boards are large enough that employees can write to their heart's content without running out of space.

Generally, the best way to do this is to dedicate an entire wall to your board. Use whiteboard paint to transform the wall into a bulletin board.

"Place your office bulletin board in a high-traffic area."


Choose location wisely

Ensure your employees actually use your bulletin board by putting it in a high-traffic area. The front of your open office or in the kitchen or break room are ideal options, as people move through these areas often.

Additionally, make sure the board doesn't draw traffic in areas that should be quiet. If employees are trying to focus on their work, but their co-workers are chattering by the board, you'll have some unhappy staff on your hands.


Include writing utensils

Whether you use a re-stickable whiteboard or whiteboard paint for your bulletin area, make sure you install a shelf to hold dry erase markers, a cloth and cleaning solution. That way, those who want to use the board will have easy access to the tools they need to leave a message.

Including cleaning materials is important, as failing to clean your board frequently can result in ghosting - smudges aren't exactly the most stylish bulletin board embellishments.


Brand it

Consider drawing your company logo somewhere on your bulletin board and including titles. That way, the board feels integrated into your workspace and gives users a clear place to write. If they want to jot down the information for the upcoming company happy hour, they can put the notice under the "events" heading.


Outline best practices

To ensure the bulletin board contains work-appropriate writing, stays in good shape and integrates into your office culture, send out a notice of best practices for use. Let your staff know that they can actually write on the board, what they are allowed to include, what items should not be erased and how often you'll clean it.


Add your own touches

A large whiteboard can be a bulletin space for employees to use and a place for you to post important corporate information, such as safety tips and compliance posters. Be sure to include this information so staff will know where to reference it.

Encourage your employees to collaborate and integrate into your company culture by using your office whiteboard bulletin board.

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