Writeyboards asks: what kind of writer are you?

November is NANOWRIMO, short for National Novel Writing Month. While most people do not achieve such a feat in a life, let alone a month, everyone does write in one form or another. To find out what type of a typer (nay, writer) you are, take the Writeyboards challenge by answering the three following questions.

1) When I write down my thoughts, they are: a) Out-of-the-box; b) Logical of course; c) Huge! I have big ideas for sure.

2) When I jot down a note for someone, it’s: a) Colorful—I want to get their atten-tion; b) Legible—I want them to understand the message I’m relaying; c) It’s big—how else can they see it?

3) If I were to write something for the masses, it would be: a) A wacky poem or song lyrics; b) A manifesto or lesson plan; c) Advertising copy for a billboard.

If you agreed with a) most often, you want your words to stand out, even if that means writing them down with neon markers that pop against a not-so basic black background. Luckily for you, Writeyboards makes a midnight dry-erase product as well as neon pink and orange markers so you can express yourself with pizazz.

Those who chose b) for most of the questions are traditionalists. When it comes to jotting things down, you’re so old school you may as well be writing on chalk-boards—as long as they’re the dust-free kind from Writeyboard.

Finally, if you felt c) hit closest to home, you probably are working on a novel since other writing forms may be too small to contain your larger-than-life crea-tivity. That is, unless you’ve discovered Writeyboard’s XL dry-erase boards which are grand in scale like your style.

In other words, Writeyboards has a product for every kind of writer.

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