3 Ways to Heighten Halloween Parties

Halloween is almost here. You can tell by the deluge of decorations designed to scare unsuspecting trick-or-treaters and party guests. But since the art of frightening people plays on the element of surprise, it’s crucial to think outside of the box. Everyone expects the scarecrow on the porch, the Jack-O-Lantern in the hall, the ghost hanging from the rafters. When throwing a Monster Mash, throw off your guests with these three unexpected party favors.

Ice Ice Baby
During your scary soiree, suggest a guest get some ice. Then watch as the unsuspecting attendee opens the ice bucket to find skull and crossbone-shaped ice cubes! The 1-1/2" cubes are easy to make with the pre-formed flexible mold ($4) from the Oriental Trading company.

Here’s Johnny!
Want to evoke the screams heard in Stanley Kubrick’s screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining? Then simply paint the inside of your bathroom door with clear dry erase paint. Once it’s ready, use dry erase markers to write REDRUM on it so guests will see the cryptic message decoded in the mirror when they close the door. After you receive gasps and giggles, just erase the word after the party since Whiteyboard’s Clear Dry Erase Paint (paint kit $35; markers $.99 each) can be wiped off without a ghost of a trace.

Nice Seeing You
While all the boys and ghouls, dads and mummies are having fun at your party, fill their coat pockets with individually-wrapped Zing Eyeballs Candy. Then as you bid everyone farewell, yell “It was nice seeing you” or “I’ve got my eyes on you!” When your parting guests find the extra treats in their pockets, they’ll really get your meaning—as well as a great taste since the candy has spongy marshmallow outsides and gooey, fruit-flavored insides. Best of all, a 50-piece bag costs $5 which is frighteningly inexpensive.

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