Play to Win by Flexing Your Visual Memory

Many times athletes will hear a coach say, “sports are 90% mental and only 10% physical” because in order to be a winner, one must keep their body and mind in shape—whether playing baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, gymnastics, football, soccer, volleyball or other games.

Visual memory is the ability to recall information stored in the brain via a visual cue. Harnessing visual memory is an effective way to gain a competitive edge since it helps athletes:

  • retain and even boost energy
  • enhance their motivation
  • enjoy the sport more
  • reduce performance anxiety
  • make quick and correct decisions
  • stage patterns and formations
  • recall tactics and reenact strategies
  • gain confidence and kickstart positive thinking
  • strengthen analysis and heighten problem-solving skills
  • maintain mental freshness and calmness during injury
  • better prepare for the entire experience: before, during and after the game

Because visual thinking is a way to organize ideas in a non-linear way, it helps to use drawing materials to better relay the spacial relationships, diagrams, and strategies at hand. That’s why coaches often scribble scrimmages for the team before the game on big boards in the locker room.

Whether strategic moves can be translated onto something as small as a notepad or large as a wall, Whiteyboard provides a wealth of materials including dry-erase pads, XL boards and even paint to cover an entire wall. They also have a variety of colorful dry-erase markers so players can expand their visual memory through countless different plays that can help them score.

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