Five Man-Cave Must-Haves

A man-cave typically refers to a refuge for men. These men usually live with women. These women are generally in charge of the home, from choosing the furnishings to furnishing the rules of the roost. While a guy will most likely mind his p’s and q’s in the rest of the house, he can let loose once he crosses the threshold to his man-cave domicile. It’s in this peaceful and playful retreat where the male animal can reboot and revitalize—so long as the cave includes the following:

  1. Privacy
    As its name suggests, man-caves are cavernous places often found in the basement or garage. While the cave doesn’t necessarily have to be dark, it should be somewhat remote. Designating an open-air family room next to the kitchen, for example, is more suitable for a child’s play-space than an adult’s man-cave.
  2. WiFi
    Just because a man-cave is isolated from the rest of the house, doesn’t mean it has to be cut off from the wonderful wide world of internet. How else can a guy legally play games, surf gadgets and stream entertainment…like football and the news.
  3. A Big Screen
    Whether it’s on a computer or television, a wide screen is essential for a man to zone in his designated man-cave zone. Check out the selections at www.bestbuy.com/TVs, www.thebigscreenstore.com, or store.apple.com.
  4. Comfort
    After a long day of hunting and gathering, it’s key to kick the feet up and relax in a comfortable seat—be it a recliner, beanbag or even a massage chair. A number of options await at www.la-z-boy.com, www.ashleyfurniturehomestore.com, and www.darvin.com.
  5. Décor
    As mentioned, the woman of the house is probably in charge of decorating the home (that’s why she’s called “the woman of the house”) but a dude can do what he wants with the décor of his man-cave. So, why not create a real cave by writing on the walls? It’s actually not as unruly as it sounds—so long as you use Whiteyboard’s Clear Dry Erase Paint (paint kit $35;markers $0.99 each). Easy, affordable and best of all erasable, these products will let you get in touch with your Neanderthal side while retaining your 21st century civility and practicality.

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