“It’s Art Here” And There

Under the direction of muralist Rahmaan Statik, eight teenage artists have designed threemurals for the Rosemont Recreation Center on Barry Street in Rosemont, Illinois. Entitled “It’s Art Here”, the works will emerge on July 11 when 40 volunteers help paint the 100 feet long by 15 feet tall murals.

“This project is remarkable for the benefits it brings to Rosemont,” explains Mayor Brad Stephens. “These murals will bolster connectivity and create inspiring, vivid artwork in shared public spaces, which will foster pride in and enhance the vibrancy of the Rosemont community as a whole.”

The eight high school artists behind the designs are Guillermo Echeverria, Juana Garcia Ramirez, Andrea Garcia Chavez, Fabian Garcia, Francisco Garcia, Felipe Rodela Trujillo, Luis García and Maria Hernandez. For months, they have met regularly with their mentor Statik to brainstorm and plan the project.

Statik is a native Chicagoan who was trained as a muralist before attending the American Academy of Art. He has created more than 200 murals as well as CD covers, book illustrations and logos. He now passes his wisdom on as he instructs youths in mural painting techniques.

If you live in the Rosemont area and are 12 years of age or older, you can volunteer to help realize “It’s Art Here” by calling the Barry Recreation Center at 847-298-1965. Or just show up in the morning at the site on July 11, 2014.

If you are unable to attend, you can design a mural of your own in your own space with the help of Whiteyboard’s ClearDry Erase Paint (paint kit $35; markers $0.99 each). Easy, affordable and best of all erasable, these products can be wiped clean when you’re in the mood for a change of pace or a change of paint.

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