A very practical Practical Joke

Whiteyboard has a clear dry erase paint that can set the stage for a variety of pranks on April Fool’s Day, Halloween or any day in between.

In the 2000 film Quills, Geoffrey Rush plays a character who is censored for his writings. As a result, he is imprisoned without paper so he soon uses the walls of his cell as his canvas, much to the outrage of his jailers.

If you’re looking to play a similarly outrageous prank, simply use dry erase markers to scrawl all over walls which have been pre-covered with pre-clear dry erase paint. Once you get a reaction, all will be able to laugh it off while you wipe the marks off.

Another movie to “draw” inspiration from is the Oscar-winning A Beautiful Mind. With dry-erase markers, write math equations all over a wall already painted with clear dry erase paint. The sum of your labor will equal a hoot and a half.

Want to evoke the screams heard via Stanley Kubrick’s screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining? Then simply paint a door in your home with clear dry erase paint. Once it’s ready, use dry erase markers to write REDRUM on the door. After you receive gasps and giggles, just erase the word and no one gets hurt.

Since “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” it’s good to have a few laughs so long as your practical jokes are practical enough to be easily cleaned up.

Whiteyboard makes a Clear Dry Erase Paint (paint kit $35; markers $0.99 each) that requires only one coat. After only one day, you’ll be able to write on it. The transparent finish allows you transform previously unused wall space into a highly functional dry-erase surface that is a great base for April Fool’s Day pranks as well as being a gateway to creativity for everyday of the year.

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