5 Hot Trends in Start Up Company Office Designs

Did you know a creative office environment can boost productivity? (i.e revenue). By providing conditions that promote positive affective functioning and psychological engagement, your employees or coworkers will see a performance boost across the board. Whether it’s a home office or a corporate megaplex, having a place where you feel appropriately motivated and inspired is key. Here are 5 hot trends Startups are using to up the creative vibe in their office.

    1. WhiteyBoard Dry Erase Paint. If you need more space for your thoughts than any dry erase board can offer, then you need WhiteyBoard’s dry erase paint! This solution simply allows you to safely write on your walls and then wipe your thoughts away once you’ve turned them into a reality. Why fill your office with countless address books and notebooks when all of that information can be made easily accessible right on your walls? They look great and can be applied to not just walls, but columns, desks, reception areas and whatever else you can come up with! Bonus: It’s cheaper than buying a clunky dry erase board.
    2. Standing Desks. It’s no secret that people are starting to love their standing desks: they’re great for your back, your posture, and even have some psychological benefits. Anyone who them will tell you they no longer are tired at the end of the work day and their regular afternoon fatigue goes away. Did you know standing even burns calories while you work? Once you love this, you can step it up to a treadmill desk.image
    3. Office-In-A-Closet. If your house is a bit pressed for space and you’re not sure you even have room for a real home office, simply convert a closet into your own personal workspace! By placing a desk inside one of your bigger closets, hanging your important memos, notes and calendars on the inside of the closet doors, and maybe hanging a few shelves above your computer, you can have all of the office essentials without needing to convert a bedroom or your living room! When you have guests over, you can simply close your “office” doors and nobody will be the wiser.
    4. Poppin Office Supplies. Wipe away those Bic pens and old filing cabinets and check out Poppin. They’re an online office products, letterpress business cards, and furniture shop whose goal is to make design more affordable (and Pinterest-worthy). Their unique shop by color interface allows you to pick the perfect monochrome pieces to accent your new creative work space. It will look great and won’t set you back much. You and your desk will be one.image
    1. Exercise Ball Desk Chair. If your creativity is being stifled by the back pain and discomfort you experience after sitting on your office chair for hours each day, replace your chair with an exercise ball! You’ll enjoy getting to bounce around now and then, and sitting on an exercise ball strengthens your body’s core muscle group, which will help you improve your posture, give you better balance and guard against back injuries. To start, try switching your chair with an exercise ball every other day and see which option helps you stay focused and productive!


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