WhiteyBoard is small company with big ambitions. In USA, we have 3 employees. Were a lean, mean, stationary machine! We actually have more inputs across the globe. Everyday, the 3 of us are faced with a mountain of issues. It’s a continuous process. The story is still being written, the INK is still wet on the page.

Looking back at my MGMT notes, I found steps that assist one during the decision making process. We use it.

Decision making process

  1. Recognition of Decision Requirement - Managers confront a decision requirement in the form of either a problem or opportunity.
  2. Diagnosis & Analysis of Causes - 2nd step is refining the understanding of the situation. Diagnosis is when you analyze underlying causal factors associated with the decision situation. Understand the limits of the decision made, either money or time.
  3. Development of Alternatives - Next step is to generate alternatives solutions that will respond to the needs of the situation and correct the underlying causes.
  4. Selection of Desired Alternative - Choose best alternative which is the solution that best fits the overall goals and values of the organization and achieves the desired results using the fewest resources. Use the Devils advocate, by assigning someone to make strongest case against it.
  5. Implementation of Chosen Alternative - This stage involves the use of managerial, communication, administrative, and persuasive abilities to ensure the choice is carried out. No decision is any better than how it is implemented.
  6. Evaluation & Feedback - Gather information that tells you how well the decision was implemented and whether it was effective in achieving its goals. Feedback is the part of monitoring that assesses whether a new decision needs to be made, and if so it will help them get back on track.

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