UH OH… Rents due tomorrow! Our office/warehouse is located in Calabasas, California. Calabasas is in Los Angeles, close to Malibu but on the valley side. The office is 18 miles from my house, but i usually get here in under 15 minutes because its the opposite way of downtown, which is bumper to bumper. It gets really hot out here, but full of good looking mums! One thing i dislike about it, is the food, its terrible.

Our space is 4,000 square feet with 10 foot ceilings, so cubic feet equals 40,000. Our rent is $1,000 per month, $0.25c per sq foot, - its sort of subsidized, we know the owner.

If we expand (as we are anticipating) we can always take over the vacant lot next to us, which removes some uncertainty out of our equation. The vacant lot was once the Calabasas Court house. It still has everything set up; judges table, benches, holding cell etc. But its very spooky! Sometimes, i hear noises late at night, when i’m working late. When that happens, i grab my bag and go! Late at night, I usually hold a Big Bertha packaging tube (its super thick) in case someone tries to do something. lol its a hedge….

On the whole, I really love working here, it brings the best out of me and my team. Our rent is an SG&A expense, i actually love paying. how ironic.

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