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Get kids excited about learning by creating fun whiteboard activities

Before the prevalence of technology in schools, kids used to do all their writing on chalkboard slates. This is still a valid option for classroom activities today, but whiteboards are blessedly quieter and you don't have to worry about that cringe-worthy screech. Whiteboard for kids also don't create any dust that will aggravate allergies. To recreate the classic classroom tool, make fun slates using a stick on whiteboard. If kids have trouble writing in a straight line, you can also solve this problem by using whiteboard paper, which has permanent lines drawn on it. Use these new whiteboard for kids slates to play subject-specific classroom whiteboard games for kids that will have kids actively participating and learning new material during class.


Whiteboard games for kids are excellent for math class because teachers can see a student's work. Make a game out of equations by writing one on the large class board and seeing who can get the correct answer first. Tell students to raise their hands once they've completed the problem on their individual slates. Check that the student's answer is correct, but also examine the rest of his or her work. This is beneficial because it's a fun way to get students to practice their math and also shows teachers if students are taking shortcuts or fully working out the problems using state standard centered techniques.

Get kids to participate more by creating fun games for learning math and other subjects.

Foreign languages

When learning is fun, it's always a lot easier to remember information. Implement whiteboard games into a Spanish or French class by writing a word on the board. Instruct the students to draw an image that matches the word. For instance, if you wrote "gato," kids would sketch a picture of a cat. You can have them do this individually or on teams. You could also play a version of Around the World by having one student sit next to another student's desk. Whoever answers correctly first gets to move on to the next kid's desk. The first student to make it all the way back to his or her original seat wins the game.

Any subject

Bend the rules of soccer with a version of the sport that can be played in nearly any classroom. Split the classroom into two groups and give each group a whiteboard slate. You can then quiz students on history, reading or other topics. The team to raise a hand first gets to show the answer. If it's correct, move a soccer ball toward the opposite team. Make sure you have about 10 little flags or other markers laid out on the floor, and once the ball goes past an end marker, the other team has won. This game has the potential to take a while if the teams are evenly matched, so you may want to reduce the number of flags to six.

Have a little prize bowl ready for the kids who win the game. Knowing there is a prize at the end will encourage students study harder for the next round of whiteboard for kids classroom games.

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