But...But...I Can't Draw!

We understand. It’s like carrying a tune, really understanding calculus or sniffing out the ever-so-slight essence of pencil shavings in a fine Cabernet Sauvignon. Some people are born with it, some people...not so much. Drawing, lettering, putting up ideas and connecting them in two dimensions -- IOW, working with hand-graphics -- can seem a mystery. Trying to draw in front of your co-workers can be intimidating. But while most of us are born with plenty of innate skill, we often don’t have the confidence to let our drawing-angels out of their cage. Developing drawing skills can be learned, though, and it isn’t that difficult. You just have to do it!

If you find some of our Writeyboard web-page examples intimidating, we don’t blame you. Everything in bold, block letters; arrows pointing self-assuredly hither and yon to connect ideas and hold schedules together; concepts expressed as cool cartoons and hand-drawn icons. Of course! If you’re not Picasso, you’re going to wonder, “Can I do that?” But remember, we’ve been practicing. We’re showing that our product can look its best when people use it confidently!

Pssst...here’s the deal: you can learn, very easily, to use those dry erase board markers with total confidence.

No Cant DrawWhen Writeyboard is installed in your workspace, the first thing a decent manager who’s genuinely looking to increase productivity will say is: ANYTHING GOES! There are no bad artists. Of course, there are going to be otherwise creative, organized team members who are less-accomplished graphic-thinkers. That’s because they’re not taking a moment to ponder how to render what they’re trying to communicate into two wide dimensions. Everyone’s used to making lists, but lists have a stodgy, vertical quality to them; any given element only touches what’s above and below it; once you start annotating the list by hand it turns into an illegible mess. That’s because lists aren’t how the human brain works. Our complex noodle, still a deep mystery to the best neuroscientists, can make an almost infinite number of connections without ever making a list! Writeyboard can’t give you infinite, but it can break you loose from linear thinking. Connections can be made, remade, rethought -- new ideas that would never have sparked out of a list suddenly take shape on the wall! The angels are out!

Okay, back to the theme, here: you say you can’t draw. Your handwriting sucks. You aren’t used to thinking this way. You’re worried that if your wall-scrawls look ghetto, your workmates will mock you mercilessly. Writeyboard is founded on the notion that Yes You Can. You may have to practice a little. You may have to do some pre-sketching on a piece of paper. Revisit your block-printing from fourth grade. You may have to slow down, not try to get everything up there at the Speed of Think. If someone in your workspace seems congenitally talented, watch what they do; if they’re not a stuck-up a-hole, ask them for some pointers. And remember, the eraser is your friend!

No, Writeyboard can’t give you graphic arts lessons over the Internet. What we can do is encourage you to make the effort to develop your innate skills. And we guarantee that if you do so, your thinking, planning, spit-balling, scheduling, memo-taking efforts, both as a group and as individuals, will move into a new, freer space where bigger things can happen!

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