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‘Tis the season of Movember (also known as No-Shave November), and men around the world are doing their best to sprout a Fu Manchu, Handlebar, Chevron, Horseshoe, Bogart. Some have no real strategy, as they’re not quite sure what might happen upon attempting their first mustache. All, however, have a similar goal: raising awareness - and money - for various forms of cancer (prostate, testicular, etc.).

While we no doubt see the seriousness in all this, it’s important to note that, during this month, you see a lot more attempted mustaches than successful ones. No, we’re not being subjective. Yes, most of you look awkward with that mustache. We love it. Keep it up.

Below is a list of some tried-but-failed mustaches. These guys are halfway there; that said, we don’t see them finishing Movember with full-fledged ‘staches. We know you can do better, and we appreciate you contributing to this month’s hairiest Cancer Awareness effort. Submit a picture of your Movember 'Stache to our Facebook or Instagram pages and receive free shipping on your next order! 

1. The Original Half-Stache

#halfstache #halfmustache #shavingerror #facecatapillar #sneer #elvisface

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2. Captain Half-Beard

A photo posted by jonathanm2 (@jonathanm2) on


3. The "I Was Late For Work" 

#workhard #tuesday #halfmustache

A photo posted by Jefferson Coutinho (@gersoviski) on


4. No words.



5. Fake It 'till you Make It.  



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