10 Wise Whiteboard Quotes to say Goodbye to 2015 & Hello to 2016

2015 is coming to an end. This is the season where we mull over the past year and look back on happy memories, sad regrets, and/or everything in between.  This is also the time of year where we simultaneously look forward to starting anew in the New Year. With such heavy reflection come many thoughts, feelings, and wishes. So how does one properly deal with these sentimental notions? Express your inspirational New Year quotes via whiteboard, of course!

Write, read, listen, wish, and speak aloud these inspirational whiteboard quotes to help you relive, release, or renew your transition from 2015 to 2016.

1. What better time to be a better, newer you!


2. This year, make a resolution to take on the world.

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3. Onward and upward peeps.

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4. Because it’s still technically the Christmas season… right?

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5. If 2015 was cruel, here’s to looking forward to 2016’s wisdom.

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6. Pick up some new habits in the New Year! 

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7. Keep this in mind, as 2016 is an election year…

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8. Fresh batch of 365 days coming right up!


9. “You better work bitch.” – Britney Jean Spears

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10. No time like the present!  

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These sentiments are motivating, touching, and moving. How can one NOT feel ready to kick some ass in 2016 with these inspirational whiteboard quotes?! Got some wise nuggets that you’d like to bestow? Then start sharing your own whiteboard quotes with a WriteyBoard! Share with coworkers, workout buddies, friends, family, customers! 2016 is a blank slate. Start writing your own story. 


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