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How to Brighten Up Your Office Space with Colorful Organization Tools

In a Journal article called the Int J Environ Res Public Health (published in 2014), it exclaimed that office workers and managers may experience declining productivity and negative feelings when they feel a loss of interest at their jobs. What could make your workplace a more vibrant, happier place? One way would be to have the mindset of ‘out with the old, in with the new’ when it comes to office supplies and organizational tools. What are some examples of Unique Office Supplies? Consider the following when revamping your boring workplace into a place of business that everyone wants to be a part of:

Neon Dry Erase Magic Markers

Replace those boring whiteboard markers with neon and bring your message to life! Neon dry erase markers come in vibrant, fun colors that write on white dry erase surfaces, as well as black ones. The ink is vivid and the bullet style tips ensure that you can write in broad lines as well as thin ones. 

Colorful Paper Clips

Paper clips can be more than just boring silver. They can come in the shape of a cat or unique shapes that come in a variety pack. They can come in metallic finishes and in varying sizes. There are heart shaped ones, rose gold clips, and even paper clips with fun sayings like "love.” 

Unique Pushpins

When it comes to unforgettable push pins, some of the favorites are ones that are shaped like a cat's rear end. Those will definitely make people look twice! Consider narwhal push pins or even pushpins that are designed to look like a tiny clothespin. Ninja star push pins are fun as well!

Mini Beach or Sandbox

The beach is a place of extreme relaxation for most people. Try to create a mini beach-scene in your office by using sand collected in bottles, seashells, and other sea-trinkets to remind you of better days or your vacation or past memories that always bring a smile to your face.

Personalized Mousepad

Mousepads can be found in many shapes. Some favorites are one that reminds one of the beach. Think Tranquil waves, soft sand, and a palm tree. Mousepads can actually be personalized to reflect people or animals that you love in life. Mousepads not only serve a function, but they can also be an extension of your personality in the workplace.

Stapler in a Fun Shape

There are staplers out there that can represent things that you are and things that you love. Are you a fashionable powerhouse? Consider a stapler shaped like a high heel. There are even staplers shaped like sharks or hot dogs. These pops of color can definitely bring a bring workplace springing back to life.

Weird Pens and Writing Utensils

Did you know there are pens out there that are shaped like cactuses? You can get super creative here and get a terracotta flower pot, paint it, and fill it with pens that have flowers on the ends. This will prevent others from accidentally taking the pens so it serves multi-purposes. Amazing pens in a variety of shapes and styles come in black ink, as well as blue, so keep your business purposes in mind, of course, when choosing decorative writing tools. 

Pastel and Foil File Folders

File folders don’t have to be boring vanilla manila. They can come in patterns with flowers, foil dots, funny sayings like “I’m a freakin’ Professional”, or watercolor-type wash prints with matching tabs. Whether unicorns, owls, or art tickles your fancy, there’s a file folder with your name on it. 

Pop-Up Notes Dispenser

Sure, you can keep your sticky notes in some random corner in your desk, or you can have them at arm’s length and within easy access with a creative and innovative pop-up note dispenser. They can come in the shape of a cat holding up the notes, a camera that dispenses the sticky note (instead of film), or even a pirate’s chest for those inspired by the Caribbean. 

Candy Bowl Holder

Sometimes office workers need a mid-day pick-me-up or chocolate fix. Why not find an interesting candy bowl holder and place it in a convenient area to spark a bit of inspiration and creativity? Candy bowl holders can come in the shape of your favorite super villain, hero or animal.

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