How To Increase Productivity While Working From Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has left many businesses scrambling to transition many workers to remote positions. This type of change, which should take weeks or even months, was forced into operation within the space of a few days by the sheer weight of necessity. Now employees who are used to driving into the office every day are facing the prospect of working from home. This change for many is in place indefinitely, so finding ways to cope with the changes using long-term solutions is essential.

So let’s start with some good news. Studies are actually showing that those who work from home are far more productive than those who work from an office. This is certainly good news for businesses, who have found that remote workers put in the equivalent of 1.4 more days of work per month when compared to their in-office counterparts. However, this can also lead to overworking, which can lead to stress and less productivity over time. 

Our goal is to help remote workers to find a way to achieve work-life balance, while also working at their highest levels of productivity. There are many practical tools, such as a home office whiteboard, that can help with this, as well as a few steps that workers can take to both boost productivity and protect their mental health and home life. 

Setting Aside a Productive Work Space

Among the many unique challenges that remote working presents, one of the biggest is the challenge of separating work life from home life. Many workers who suddenly find themselves working from home find it difficult to set up boundaries so that work-life does not slowly seep into home-life. When setting up an office at home, it is far more likely that the individual will answer emails or phone calls during dinner, or spend a few minutes before bed catching up on some last-minute work. 

It is extremely important, however, to set up some strict boundaries to protect yourself and your family from overwork. The first way to do this is to set up an effective physical space where all of the work will stay. This may simply be a small corner of the living room or bedroom, but segregating your work area from your living area should be your first priority. 

Transforming an area of the home into an office space can seem challenging at first, but with a few tools, this job can be made easier. One of the most affordable ways to do this is to maximize workable space by using a whiteboard for the home office to transform the wall behind the desk into a productive area. This will save space, leaving more of the home open for domestic activities. There are several different options for getting this done. 

Whiteboard Options For Home Offices

One of the best ways to optimize space and boost productivity is to install a whiteboard behind the desk. This does not mean investing in a large and expensive board like those found in universities or conference rooms. There are many more affordable and practical options available. 

A Stick On Whiteboard can be applied in seconds to any wall in the home. The great thing about these is that they can be cut to any shape or size to exactly fit your home office space. No tools are needed for installation and they are incredibly affordable, unlike traditional boards. 

Another option is to get out your paint roller and painting clothes and apply some dry erase wall paint to your wall. Within 48 hours, you will have a surface that can be written on with dry-erase markers or chalk markers and erased with ease. One of the best things about dry erase paint is that, in addition to the traditional white paint, you can also choose a clear paint that goes right over your existing color to blend in completely with your decor. 

When choosing a desk for space, you could consider a Writey Desk instead of a traditional desk. This also maximizes space and saves paper by allowing you to take notes right on your desk. You can even choose from a variety of sizes to correctly fit in your home. 

One final affordable option is a premium roll up whiteboard. This is ideal for those who want to have an office during the day that converts back to living space at night. This whiteboard can be put on the wall and then taken down whenever it is no longer needed. It can be compactly stored until it is needed again. 


Productivity studies show that, in order to be the most productive, individuals should spend at least 30 minutes per day planning. This may seem like a large amount, but it can completely turn the day around. When planning the day, many people just think about planning the items that need to be done that day, but equally as important is to plan breaks as well. 

In Sweden, a two-year experiment was conducted where 8 hour days were cut down to 6 hour days and workers were given the same amount of pay. The results of this study showed that workers were more productive and happier overall. Although cutting down the workday to 6 hours is not a viable option for most companies, the results of the study may highlight an important truth: breaks lead to higher productivity. 

When planning the day, make sure to plan short breaks every 90 minutes to refresh your mind and keep your body healthy. Take the time to stretch out sore muscles, and let your eyes focus on a point in the distance to avoid eye strain. To help you stick to the schedule, consider using a reusable dry erase planner that you can set in a prominent location, and glance at it throughout the day. 

Productivity means more than just trying to work as hard as you can throughout the day. It means setting up space in your home that works for you instead of against you, keeping your work-life separated from your home-life, and planning the day so that you have the right amount of work and rest. By prioritizing these things you will not only have a more productive day, but you will also have a happier and healthier one too. 

At Writey, we are passionate about providing high-quality whiteboard options for those who need a more practical and affordable solution. With our simple and innovative products, we are transforming homes into productive offices and classrooms around the country, one whiteboard at a time.

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