Modern Materials Let Creativity Leap Off the Walls

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A Childhood Staple 

Perhaps as a child, you got into trouble for coloring on the walls or the floor. As a child, you likely didn't understand what the big deal was. Now that you have grown into a responsible adult with children of your own, you understand why staining the walls and floors isn't a very good idea. However, parents should be mindful of how much they curb their child's creativity. For many children, being creative is the only outlet that they have for using their voice or talking about any problems they're experiencing. Creativity is important for everyone. However, it is most important in children. To facilitate their creativity instead of punishing it, you should use the correct materials. This article will discuss why creativity is so important to hone and what materials that are out there that can indulge your children's creative needs without permanently damaging the walls and furniture of your home.


When you were a kid, you didn't have much in the way of materials to use. You had some paper and when that was all used up, you had to search for something else. The walls and floors became your canvas instead. Paper, itself, can be limiting in its creativity. As such, you may want to consider a white board for kids. This board can be easily placed anywhere in the home. They can even carry it with them if it's a small board. The best thing about it is that they can use dry erase markers that can be easily cleaned off of the board and other materials if they're a bit messy. By using a whiteboard to draw and color, they can take their imaginings everywhere they go. They also never run out of canvas. All they need to do is wipe it and begin again. 

For those of you who really want their children to get in touch with their creativity, you might want to consider a bedroom whiteboard. This board can either be quite massive or small in design depending on your bedroom's needs. With families always looking for ways to decorate their children's rooms, they often leave the child out of the decision. You don't have to be that kind of parent. Instead, you can have a large whiteboard installed into your child's bedroom and let them color and decorate their room accordingly. Either way, you can be sure that their room is going to be the most unique one in the house. 

One last modern material that you likely wish you had growing up is writable wall paint. If, even despite your best intentions, your kids still insist on drawing on the walls, then you should give them materials that can be easily cleaned off when they're done. This is one of the best methods to ensure that no one is angry at the end of the day. Children can still hone their creativity and draw all over the house, and you can easily clean it up without worrying about a permanent stain. 

The Importance of Creativity 

Letting your children indulge in their creative is important for many reasons. On the one hand, it lets children delve into their psyche without realizing it. The images they draw can speak a lot for their mental state. This can also inform you about how they're developing and can give you a few first signs if you need to consider additional resources to help your child develop. In a world where children often feel as though they do not have a voice, you can help them find or utilize their voice through drawing and creativity. 

By starting early, children who are creative continue to become creative later in life. Many parents don't think that creativity leads to money-making careers, but they actually do. It takes a certain form of creativity for new inventions to be made. Robotics and the tech field, in particular, along with engineers and chemists all require a certain skill of creativity in order to be successful in their jobs. By allowing them to hone their creative process when they're young, they will be able to examine problems in the future in a way that their classmates and competitors for employment may not be able to see. 

Indulging Is Okay 

While discipline is always important in a household, it's also okay to indulge your children. When they want to paint on the walls, you can equip them with these materials to hone their creativity. Try some of these ideas and see if they work for you.

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