Why Do I Need to Homeschool My Children?

In the past decade, homeschooling has been growing in popularity across the U.S. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are faced with no other option but to engage in at-home learning, where they take on the role of the teacher. While this is something that is now a necessity, there are still many who wonder - do they really need to homeschool their children?

The answer is, for the most part, yes. However, for those who still aren't convinced that this is necessary, getting back to some of the most common reasons that parents have started homeschooling more than ever before can help them understand the importance of doing this.  

Keep in mind, today there are an array of homeschool resources available, such as WriteyBoards, to help with this endeavor. Now, let's dive into the main reasons so many parents have begun homeschooling their children - beyond the recent pandemic.

To Eliminate the Impact of a Negative School Environment

According to the National Household Education Survey, the top reason parents opt to homeschool their children is because of a negative environment within their child's public school. In fact, up to 26 percent of parents cited this as the reason they moved to homeschool and more than 90 percent stated it was one of the reasons they made this change.

The top environmental factor a person is concerned about is bullying. While it is hard for parents to see or notice, it can have significant effects on a child's development and happiness. Bullying can also lead to lower self-esteem and lower grades. Homeschooling removes the child from these negative environments and helps provide them with a safe environment to learn.

A Higher Quality Education

With Common Core being implemented around the country, increased student enrollment, and reduced state education budgets, there are many parents who believe the quality of education within public schools has reduced significantly. Another reason that so many parents are opting to homeschool their children is that they are dissatisfied with the academic instruction provided.

Homeschooling provides parents with much more control regarding what their child is learning. There are many high school students who don't have the necessary skills to go to college, and parents providing a homeschool education believe they can fill this gap and better prepare their child for a college curriculum.

To Improve a Child's Social Interactions

Many parents believe there is a large amount of peer pressure and bullying in the public school system today. By homeschooling, parents can tailor social interactions that better support their family values. Homeschooling parents can do this by taking the curriculum and tailoring it to what they want their child to learn while monitoring the overall social interactions they have.

When it comes to homeschooling a child, there are more than a few factors to consider. Take some time to consider the information here, which helps to clearly illustrate the growing importance and value put on a homeschool education. The information here illustrates the importance of this learning environment and how it may help children now and in the future. 

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