Remote Learning, Teaching,
& Homeschool Supply Guide

Coronavirus turned the world upside down.
Most of us were unprepared for this transition into a
remote learning and working environment.

Fortunately, Writey & Miss Midgie joined forces.

Remote learning and working from home have become the new status quo in our modern world.

Midgie, like all teachers in the pandemic, was searching for answers on how to best educate her children.

You can read more about her and her credentials below. Together, Writey & Miss Midgie provide the perfect products for kids of all ages at home, distance learning or in the classroom.

In this product guide, we list the products and their practicality for
learning scenarios during the pandemic & beyond!
Dry Erase
Whiteboards & Workbooks for Remote Learning
Learning solutions when kids are not in the classroom can be a challenge. For the little ones, Miss Midgie’s “My Kids Fridge”, dry erase workbook is a great learning tool for children to learn without frustration. Parents are concerned, “Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?” This 57-page pre-k workbook allows children to create and learn easily, feeling confident that they can wipe mistakes clean and try again. My Kids Fridge fully prepares children for Kindergarten when used in conjunction with the step by step parent/teacher lesson plan. Watch your child trace letters, numbers, sight words, shapes while they are reinforced with positivity and mindfulness along the way.
For the more developed kids, Writey Restickable Whiteboards are great for both homeschool and virtual learning. Simply unroll, peel and stick to your child’s wall and any room becomes a classroom.
Dry Erase Workbook
White Premium
Restickable Whiteboard
Black Premium
Restickable Whiteboard
Teaching During The Pandemic
If you’re still teaching in the classroom during the coronavirus pandemic, reorganizing your classroom and syllabus to accommodate the little ones is key. Miss Midgie is here to help with her My Kids Fridge Classroom Value Pack.
25 Children’s Dry Erase Workbooks
Parent/Teacher Lesson Plan That Covers:
Classroom set-up, Mindfulness Techniques, Craft Ideas, Recommended Reads, Science Experiments, Songs and Finger Plays, Holiday Celebration Ideas, Science, Group games, Self-Esteem Activities, Math Games, Introduction to Spanish
Classroom value pack
Planners and Organizers for Distance Learning
What is virtual learning without a scheduler?
Writing things down helps improve memory and keeps you and your little one on track with their tasks and course work. Our restickable monthly and weekly calendars will keep the school schedule at a glance.
Small weekly
2x3 ft
Weekly Calendar
2x3 ft
Monthly Calendar