5 Organization Tips for College and Beyond

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Whether you are preparing for your freshman year of college or preparing for your first year in the workforce, staying organized is incredibly important. There are countless studies that can correlate organizational preparedness with long-term success in pretty much every major industry in the world. Too often, people think of being organized and professional as a “personality trait.” However, the truth is that being organized is as simple as preparing for the future by establishing yourself today. In our discussion today, we are going to focus on five key tips that can turn you into an organized professional. 

Going from high school to college can be a huge adjustment. In a similar fashion, going from college to the workforce can be just as difficult. These transitions can be made even more challenging if they are made without a solid foundation of responsibility and organizational awareness. We simply cannot “wing it” through our adult life in the same way that we get away with in childhood and high school. We have to pay very real attention to how we approach our work and our education. From using sticky notes as to-do list reminders to establishing a professional routine, you have many ways to approach your organizational skills. Here are our five favorite organizational tips, listed below. 

1. Keep a Reminder Board

 One of the best ways to make sure that you are always on top of the tasks in front of you is simple: create your own reminder board. Take a dry erase sticky note or an entire dry erase board so that you can keep a running list of all the things that you need to get done. There are plenty of dry erase accessories that can help you make sure that your board is unique, interesting and able to keep you focused. For visual learners, being able to see all the tasks that need accomplishing will help get them motivated to start the job. 

2. Log Your Expenses

In the digital age, balancing a checkbook is no longer 'a thing'. Instead, we simply go from store to store swiping our card, rarely checking our balance until we get that dreaded 'card declined' message at the register. What you can do to become more frugal and pragmatic, and thus financially organized, is to log your expenses. Keep track of your daily purchases in a spreadsheet or even consider downloading an app that logs your expenses. You won't have to deal with your bank's outdated application and you'll be able to sort out where your money is going every single month. Suddenly, your daily $4 coffee looks a whole lot worse. 

3. Read Books on Time Management

No two people are the same, so it stands to reason that you'll need to have a uniquely tailored set of tips to help you manage your time properly. Thanks to social media and the prevalence of entertainment devices, from your phone to your Xbox, it can be easy to lose track of time. There are many different methods for practicing your time management skills and you'll have to read about them all until you find one that matches your skillset and personality. Once you have control of your time, you'll find that your work and education become much easier to handle. 

4. Actually Read Your Syllabus

 The syllabus that your professor hands out on the first day of class isn't just a piece of paper to throw away. Instead, your syllabus is a detailed outline on what you should expect from the rest of your school year. If you are still in college, treat your syllabi like the education bible that they are. Use the syllabus in conjunction with your reminder board so that you are never playing catch up. 

5. Separate Work and Play

Did you know that working in the same room that you sleep can be incredibly detrimental to productivity? We've been conditioned to 'go' to places in order to get something done, so consider leaving your house the next time that you have to write a paper or type up a business proposal. Working out of a library or coffee shop will trick your mind into thinking that you are at work, thus allowing you to accomplish your tasks. 

Staying organized isn't a personality trait. Rather, it's a muscle that can be trained until it is strong. Use our top five organizational tips to help you prepare for school or work and never look back! 


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