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As progressive beings, we’re always looking for ways to improve the status quo. Case in point, Apple’s iPhone is cutting the cord and removing its headphone jack, a move the goliath retailer calls courageous and technologically progressive. While the benefits are passionately up for debate, one thing remains clear – things change. Humans discover, create, and progress at a rapid rate and so must our organizational tools.

Start your growth towards personal progression now by ditching the paper and switching over to the ease and convenience of dry erase boards. Stock your home, office, small business, and party with white boards to save time, waste, and sanity.


whiteboard calendar

Never miss a soccer game, PTA meeting, or carpool again. Stick a WriteyBoard Monthly Calendar on your fridge, keep it updated with all upcoming events, easily erase and add as needed, and make being late or forgetting meetings a thing of the past.

You can also use a dry erase board as an elevated chore board. Having chores scheduled, in writing, and out on full display adds an extra layer of accountability not easily ignored. 


White boards around the office are extremely useful for meetings – this is a no-brainer. But lesser known, is the fact that white boards can be inspiring and motivating when used efficiently throughout the office. Fill strategically placed boards with inspirational quotes or sales tracker/scoreboards in common areas as a way to inspire and motivate employees.


using whiteboards for small businesses

Gone are the days of gritty chalk on a screechy board. Daily specials, wifi passwords, and marketing messages can now be easily added and/or deleted on white boards. Simply put, old school chalkboard marketing practices bites the dust (all the puns intended).


using whiteboards for parties

A rousing game night filled with drawing and writing no longer requires paper. Save some trees and move over to white boards to play games (e.g., Pictionary) and track scores. Beyond that, dry erase boards are alsogreat additions at birthday parties and showers. Use to welcome guests, make announcements, map out directions, or provide activity instructions.


Save paper, save the world. Feel free to ditch the waste bymoving on to a better form of organization, inspiration, and creativity. White boards help you get there. Pick out the best WriteyBoard for your needs now for the home, office, small business, or party. You’ll be well on your way to progressing towards a wiser, better, and more fun version of you.

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