How to Make Your Own Whiteboard

A whiteboard is a great thing to have on hand. It allows you to write down your ideas or tasks, such as a shopping list or important dates, and gives you the ability to easily and quickly erase parts or the whole thing. It can become a large coloring page for your children or a place to organize your thoughts for work. 

There are multiple ways to create your own whiteboard. Whether you use items purchased from your local hardware store or household items you have on hand, this is a simple project to complete. Here you will find instructions for how to make your very own DIY whiteboard using simple materials. The best part is that this project can be completed in a single afternoon and comes with a price tag under $30. 


First, let’s consider what you will need in order to complete this project. Whether you are looking to make a stick on whiteboard or a whiteboard wall, you will need several supplies. Before you begin, you will want to collect clear adhesive, wood trim, paint or stain, sticky strips, a miter saw or box, a marker board, clamps, a sponge or paintbrush, towels, and dry erase markers.



Measure and Cut Your Wood Trim 

When complete, your DIY whiteboard will have a nice wood trim that will give it a more "finished" appearance. In order to do this, it is important to correctly measure the marker board you have selected so that you purchase enough trim to go all the way around your board. Begin the process by cutting a 45-degree angle into your trim, and then measure from the sharp edge. Purchasing a miter box will be incredibly helpful here, although not necessary to the completion of the project. This handy little tool comes with little slits along the plastic box that allow you to easily saw angles. While a miter saw will give you cleaner lines, first-time DIYers will have an easier time using a miter box. 

Paint, Paint, Paint! 

With your trim pieces cut, take out your paint or stain and get to work! It is a good idea to wear gloves and a mask to protect you from fumes and skin irritation. After the pieces are dry, you may want to spray a clear top coat over each piece. This will help to keep it looking nice and is a good idea for those with small children! 

Get Gluing! 

Before you glue your trim to the whiteboard, you may want to ensure all the pieces fit snugly together and line up correctly so it will look good when it is finished. Begin the gluing process with the top piece, followed by the left side, the bottom piece, and lastly with the right side. One word of advice: a little glue goes a long way. It is important to not use too much glue as it will escape out the sides and cause the pieces to slide around your board instead of adhering to place where you want them. Here is where your clamps will come in handy. Use them to hold the trim in place while you let the whole board dry for a period of 24 hours. After it is all done add some sticky strips to the back to make an adhesive whiteboard. 

Optional Step: Decorate 

While this step may not be necessary to complete your whiteboard, it is the most fun! Materials like washi tape, foam stickers, or some shiny adhesive letters can go a long way in making your whiteboard more personalized and fun to use. If you are looking for something different, washi tape can be used to create blocks or rectangles to form a fun calendar or a daily "to do" chart. 

Whiteboard from Household Materials 

If you want to make a fast whiteboard out of materials that you have around the house, you can consider another easy project. Take a piece of plastic wrap or a plastic storage bag that has been cut to match the dimensions of a piece of cardstock or cardboard. A thin layer of transparent decoupage should be applied over this to hold it in place. The paper or cardboard can then be attached to the plastic. This can be great projects with the kids, or for a compact whiteboard solution for your office.


Homemade whiteboards are easy to make and are great gifts for everyone. They are helpful for every occasion, from birthdays and graduations to housewarming parties. If you are looking for a personalized gift that is meaningful but also useful, look no further!

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