Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on a Mirror?

A mirror usually isn't a surface that you would think to write on like you would a piece of paper or a chalkboard. However, with the right supplies, you can easily write messages and draw details on mirrored surfaces in your home. You can also learn to add a few other details to what you draw to create a beautiful image that is reflected in a few different ways because of the mirror as the background. 


Use white board markers in a dark color such as black to write inspiring messages on mirrors in your home. You can then use an eraser to change the messages each day or each week. If you don't want the writing to take up the entire mirror, then you can write a few inspirational words in a corner of the mirror with a black marker so that they can be easily seen. Learning to write in a decorative font rather than your normal handwriting can be even more pleasing to look at.

Leaving Information 

Neon dry erase markers can be divided among all family members so that each person has their own color to use when writing messages on mirrors. Each person can also leave eye-catching notes on mirrors for other people to see. When everyone knows each family member’s color, an efficient messaging system can be constructed. Colored or neon markers also add more life to messages and drawings on mirrors and can sometimes give your design a 3D appearance. You can draw everything from flowers to landscapes with colorful details that can bring a smile to the face of the people in the home who look in the mirror. 

Whiteboard markers can also be used on a mirror to draw graphs and displays for a business meeting. You can draw striking lists or diagrams that feature goals for the company as well as tasks that need to be completed by each department. If you are a teacher, checklists and graphs for school assignments can be clearly displayed. if you're. If you're a student, then you can write assignments and important dates on a mirror in your bedroom so that you'll always know what you need to complete for the classes that you have. 

Another great idea is to create a family command center by hanging a mirror in the hallway or in a central location where everyone will see the chores that have been assigned to each person. You can also write any important dates that the family needs to know for quick reference. Add a loving touch by writing encouraging messages on the mirror so that family members can be cheered before leaving to go to school or work.


Holiday messages can be written on mirrors as well. One fun idea is to leave a message on a child's bedroom mirror from the Easter Bunny or from Santa. If you use some of the holiday characters in your home, such as an elf, then you can write a message from the character along with a picture of the actual character sitting in front of the mirror. 

If you are hosting a special event, write interesting facts or details on a mirror for guests to view. Use the mirror to write the love story of a couple on their wedding day, or write details about a new baby that are displayed at a baby shower. You can even use the front door of your home to write messages so that visitors can learn about the baby when they visit. Additionally, use a mirror to keep details about your small business organized, such as the orders that you need to complete or the dates you need to remember so that you can order supplies that are needed. 

Set up a large mirror in your home that kids can write on with dry erase markers. Keeping an area set apart for artwork will help to spark your child's imagination while keeping markers off of the walls and the floor. A restaurant can write the menu on a mirror for customers to see, changing it to add new specials each day. Instead of putting stickers on mirrors for decorations, you can draw holiday decorations that you can erase when you no longer want to see them. This is also a good idea to consider if you don't want to bother with hanging decorations in your home.


Almost anyone can make use of dry erase marks on mirrored surfaces. From businesses to homes, mirrors can be a great tool for displaying information. This type of marker is easy to erase, making it simple to change messages based on seasons. The possibilities are endless.

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