Preparing your homeschool space for fall

Outfit your homeschool space before the school year starts.

Right now, your homeschool whiteboard may bear drawings of summertime activities or your kids' camp schedules, but in a month or so, all that will become math problems and grammar examples. What we're saying is that homeschool will start back up before you know it, so now's the time to prepare your teaching space with our home school ideas. From getting organized to outfitting the room with supplies you and your kids need, there's a lot to plan. Here are some homeschool organization ideas for getting your homeschool space ready for fall: 

Define spaces

If you have a dedicated area in your home where your kids do their work, you can organize it by clearly defining spaces. This means having a table dedicated to work. There, the kids will listen to you teach and complete assignments. Other defined spaces include bookshelves that only have homeschool materials and a whiteboard you use exclusively to teach. As you may imagine, all of these little spaces should be together in your home.

Also consider putting a computer in your homeschool room. That way, your kids can research online in the same area in which they learn. This will get them in the work mindset whenever they hop on the computer to do assignments.

Store like with like

Organize the supplies section of your homeschool space by keeping like with like. For instance, you can purchase bins that you label and place on the shelf. One bin may have only dry erase markers while another is full of math counting blocks. Keeping these things separated makes finding what you need during your lesson much easier.

Other things to keep together include textbooks, your educator binder and paper.

Get your space ready for fall homeschooling by organizing.

Get your space ready for fall homeschooling by organizing.

Have a turn-in bin

Keep assignments in order by dedicating a few bins to work your kids turn in and assignments you've already graded. That way, you know what's what, and assignments won't get lost. Make sure your kids know where their work goes. Adding labels to the bins can help you keep everything in order.

Upgrade your whiteboard

A whiteboard is a necessity for any homeschool room, as it allows you to give your kids visuals when you teach and provides a space for them to practice newly learned skills. So, if you don't yet have a whiteboard, you may want to invest in one before homeschool starts this fall.

However, don't go with just any whiteboard. Traditional boards are bulky and can be expensive. Instead, use re-stickable whiteboards, which are sheets that adhere to the wall. They're easier to install and come off without leaving any marks. This means you can move your board if you don't like where you initially placed it.

With tons of sizing options, re-stickable whiteboards are the perfect solution for homeschool rooms. Plus, because WriteyBoards are so lightweight and can be rolled up, they're cheaper to ship. Saving money where you can is important when you have to outfit your homeschooling space out of your own pocket.

"Decorate your homeschoolspace with educational posters."


In addition to hanging a whiteboard in the room, you can also decorate with educational posters. These might include the Periodic Table of Elements or a map of the world. Hang posters that pertain to what you'll teach this year so your kids will have resources to reference. Make sure your decor is easy to remove or cover, as some diagrams could give your kids the answers when they take tests and quizzes.


Do you have enough pens, markers, paper, etc.? Fill up your supply cabinet (or bin) with all the tools you'll need for day-to-day teaching and learning. Look for sales and coupons to help you save money on supplies.

From upgrading your whiteboard to keeping like items together, you can organize and prep your homeschool space now before the year starts

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