Keeping your family organized with whiteboards

A whiteboard can create order out of chaos in your home.

Summer break is supposed to be a relaxing time, but with your kids home, summer camps in session and play dates galore, this season can get surprisingly hectic. So if you're tired of not knowing who is where at what time, you could use our whiteboard family organization ideas. In fact, with a re-stickable monthly calendar whiteboard, you can keep track of a variety of family activities. Here are just a few:


Getting your kids to do their chores, and knowing who did what, is a challenge any time of year, but a whiteboard may be the key to staying organized. Stick yours to a wall in the kitchen or mudroom and draw a chart indicating who is responsible for what chores.

How you choose to organize our chore chart ideas is up to you - pick whatever method works for your family. For instance, you can create a chart sectioned off by names, frequency of the chore, the amount of allowance you award for it and so on.

Erasability is one of the best whiteboard features when it comes to chore charts. As your kids finish their tasks, they can simply wipe them from the board - a clean board is a welcomed sight!


Your family's schedule could be different every week this summer, so knowing who is where and whether they need a ride gets chaotic. For this reason, using your whiteboard to draw a visible schedule is a wise idea. Remembering what your kids said isn't easy when they've told you about a million activities.

Hang your re-stickable whiteboard in a visible place in your home, then write the days of the week along the top. On the side, list the names of everyone in your family. Then, write out what each person is doing throughout the week. That way, by quickly looking at your family schedule chart, you can see where everyone has to be. Simply erase at the end of the week and write down activities for the following one.

"Your whiteboard can be a chore chart, meal board and much more!"

Meal board

Inform the family what's for dinner and keep track of the required ingredients by using a re-stickable whiteboard as a meal planner. Jot down the meals you're planning on making that day, then list what you need to prepare them. That way, you'll know whether you have to go to the grocery store (and what to buy when you get there) and your kids won't constantly ask you what's on the menu.

If you really like to plan ahead, decide on a whole week of meals in advance. That way, you only have to make one trip to the store to get all the supplies you'll need. Plus, it gives your kids a chance to ask for a menu item change.

Sign out

Do you have items in your home that your entire family shares? For instance, if you live with driving teens, coordinating car usage may be tricky. Maybe your teen wants to take the car to the mall this weekend while you want to run errands. So how do you know when someone is planning to take the car? Make a sign-out board. Each person writes his or her name down, along with what he or she is using the car for and how long it'll be gone.

Keeping a family organized, especially when the kids are home for the summer, prevents life from getting too hectic. However, having a re-stickable whiteboard in your home can help. From schedules to chores to meals, a whiteboard makes your home more manageable.


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