Chalkboard or Whiteboard: Which suits your personality?

Whiteboards and chalkboards provide a good writing space.

Your home, and everything in it, should fit your personality - after all, it's where you spend most of your time. But how do you decide what your decorating personality is in the first place? Are you more classic or contemporary, country or urban, industrial or craftsman? While you'll have to figure that out on your own, we can help you decide what writing space suits you.

Fortunately, you only have two options: whiteboards and chalkboards. Each surface gives you plenty of space to brainstorm, play tic-tac-toe with your kids, write down your dinner menu and whatever else you want to do with it. Whether you're updating your home office or making a play space for your kids, use this guide to help you decide whether a whiteboard vs chalkboard fits your personality:

The chalkboard: The classic one
With classic grace, a sleek dark color and room for creative fonts, chalkboards are the writing surface of bistros, craft breweries and, potentially, your home. In fact, when you think of Parisian cafes, you probably envision an A-frame chalkboard out front, listing the soup de jour.

Because chalkboards are so prevalent in these types of locales, they are often associated with creativity, artistry, wanderlust, simplicity and a romantic way of life. In short, chalkboards are charming. Think of what you could do in your home with a stick-on chalkboard! Place it on a kitchen wall and write down your daily menu. Hang a frame around it and write inspirational quotes. Sketch ideas for your next masterpiece. Let out your creativity!

Who should use it: In short, if you are artistic, seeking inspiration or have a traveler's spirit, a chalkboard is the perfect fit for you.

Chalkboard or whiteboard: Which suits your personality?

Are you creative and artistic or innovative and efficient? Either way, you can find the perfect writing space.

The whiteboard: The innovative one
Whiteboards are modern and simple. You'll find no chalk dust clinging to these boards - they're easy to clean and totally efficient. Whiteboards also exist in places like startups and modern classrooms.

When used correctly, whiteboards don't collect film, so they always look clean. What's more, you can use a variety of colors by selecting different markers. This is an important option to have: According to a study published in The Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, using different colors can enhance memory. By color-coding notes and graphs, for instance, you're more likely to remember the information.

Who should use it: The driven, forward-thinking, technical, efficient and modern individual will enjoy whiteboards. Cost-effective homeowners, you'll love this next bit: WriteyBoard's re-stickable whiteboards adhere to any surface and peel off without leaving marks. You can relocate your board as often as you need to take your ideas with you around the house.

Chalkboards and whiteboards: There's an ideal writing surface for any personality, which means you can outfit your home to suit your style and modus operandi. Of course, who says you only have to have one? If your kids are creative and you're an innovator, give them the chalkboard and keep a whiteboard ;in your home office. As you can see, your options are vast.

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