Whiteboard solutions that help you honor Earth Day at work

Planet Earth is a living thing: It has a beating molten heart, a green and blue surface, and an atmosphere that provides shelter for other organisms. And like all living things, it has to be cared for. Human impact has led to climate change, which threatens to turn our little speck of the universe from a lush paradise into a chunk of rock lacking natural resources. Being careful about the products we use and the impact we have can help our planet.

Whiteboard solutions that help you honor Earth Day at work

That's what Earth Day is all about: rethinking our habits and doing more to protect our environment. Earth Day falls on April 22, and you can take steps now in your office to be kinder to the planet. Get some green office ideas below to help you celebrate Earth Day at work.

"All paint contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs)."

Use low-VOC paint
Whether you're sprucing up your home office or your corporate location needs a facelift, you'll probably reach for a fresh coat of paint. The product you use makes a difference. All paint (among other things) contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are bad for our health and contribute to the formation of ozone. Fortunately, you can select low-VOC paint to reduce the amount of VOCs you're putting in the atmosphere when you redecorate.

WriteyBoard offers low-VOC versions of our whiteboard paint, allowing you to create a dry erase wall in the office without releasing too many VOCs into the air.

Reduce paper consumption
Offices of all kinds use paper, from printing tax forms to writing memos to taking notes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we use 69 million tons of paper in the U.S. each year. However, in this digital age, going paperless is easier than ever. Make a pact this Earth Day to try paper alternatives in your office. You can send meeting info via email, use a file-sharing program (like Google Docs) or rethink your notepad. Instead of using a paper pad, give WriteyBoard Paper a try. The lined whiteboard is a standard notebook size (8.5 inches by 11 inches) and allows you to take notes as you normally would, only with a reduced environmental impact.

Choose cloth
Chances are, you have a whiteboard in your office (whether it's of the WriteyBoard variety or otherwise). Wiping away old notes may seem like a job for paper towels, but the disposable option isn't Mother Nature's best friend. Instead of creating waste, use a cloth towel to clean your boards. The WriteyBoard Eraser Cloth works beautifully, preventing any residue - it even cleans phone screens!

Reducing VOCs and paper consumption are the first steps to protecting our environment. Here at WriteyBoard we value our planet and want it to stay green. Try these and other green office ideas in your workplace this month in honor of Earth Day.

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