What you can use your WriteyBoard for in a man cave

Throughout history, men have sought a way to release pent-up frustration and anxiety. From hunting in prehistoric times to slipping away to the smoking room at the turn of the century, man's journey has always been to find a sanctuary. Enter the man cave: a space set aside for sacred bro time. This most holy of places is reserved for full-calorie beer, sports of all kinds and, of course, time with your buddies. If you're finally designing a man cave (it's like the clouds have parted), then you'll want to make sure it has every possible brotastic feature imaginable. Here, my friend, are ideas for a man cave and how you can use WriteyBoard's stick-on whiteboards to create the masculine haven you've been longing for:

What you can use your WriteyBoard for in a man cave

Darts scoreboard
Tossing darts for fun is good and all, but the real enjoyment comes from competition. Keep track of who's ahead by using a Foam WriteyBoard to keep score. You can hang the dry erase board vertically near the dart board and write down numbers as you go. The whiteboard cleans easily, so you can start a new game, no problem.

Bracket wall
If your man cave will be a temple for sports of all kinds, then you can't forget brackets. From the NFL playoffs to March Madness, the year is full of tournaments to predict and bet on - who doesn't love winning money off their friends? Highlight the season's bracket by drawing it on an entire wall using whiteboard paint. WriteyBoard's dry erase board paint comes in black, white and clear, allowing you to pick a color that works with your man cave's design scheme. For instance, if you want the room to be decked in your team's colors, use the clear paint. That way, the colors will shine through and you'll still be able to write your bracket on the wall.

Use your WriteyBoard for a beer list.

Beer list
Every man cave has to have a bar, it's just basic brotiquette. And that means you may have different brews at different times. Let your friends know what you have in stock by hanging a specials board (minus the prices, of course).

Go for the classic bar look and hang WriteyBoard's stick-on chalkboard. Or, use a foam whiteboard. Either way, you'll be able to adhere the board with ease and jot down the day's offerings. You don't have to use it strictly for beer, either. Keep a few spirits on hand - I'm thinking whiskey and scotch.

Whiteboard table
If your man cave is small, you need multifunctional furniture. For instance, take a normal table, draw circles on it, and you've got yourself a beer pong table that shows you exactly where the cups go. Use whiteboard paint to make your table ready for writing. You can even jot down football plays on the surface when you're drinking with your bros.

Your man cave should be full of man cave items that help you relax, unwind and have a good time with your friends. WriteyBoard products can help you do that, elevating your man cave to a man sanctuary.

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