4 Cool ways to Use the Foam WriteyBoard at Home

A home whiteboard for home use has always been a cumbersome feat to achieve. Drilling holes into that ravishing pink shade of Whispering Peach, and that 1960s paneling is a novelty in its own right. A whiteboard for your home seemed to be impossible until now. WriteyBoard Premium Foam whiteboards are a versatile and practical, whiteboard solution fit for any surface in your beautiful home. A lot goes on in your home, whether it's work, relaxation or doing homework. Your busy family can probably use a family organization board, and a foam whiteboard will help get things in order. Of course, there are tons of ways you can use this removable whiteboard product to make life a little easier. With that in mind, here are some of the coolest ways you can incorporate the Foam WriteyBoard into your home:

4 Cool ways to Use the Foam WriteyBoard at Home

1. Inspiration board
If you work from home or have a creative hobby, you need to be able to brainstorm. Jotting down notes, doodling and writing out ideas can help you come up with your next big breakthrough . Plus, brainstorming sessions help solidify your raw concepts into a final blueprint.

Give yourself a space to unleash your ideas by placing the Foam WriteyBoard in your home office or workspace. The flexible foam material sticks to the wall using an adhesive, so it's easy to install. Whenever you have a new idea you need to jot down, write it on the dry erase board.

Find inspiration by drawing on your Foam WriteyBoard.

2. Family messages
Reminders make Need to leave a note for your spouse to pick up the kids from soccer practice? Do you ever have to remind yourself to do a certain chore? Use the Foam WriteyBoard as a home message space so you and your family can leave notes for one another.

Hang the stick-on whiteboard in a centralized location. For many families, that means the kitchen. You want to make sure everyone will see it at some point during the day - can't have your spouse missing the message you left.

3. Menu
Do your kids constantly ask what's for lunch or dinner? Instead of responding every time, make a menu in your home. Hang the Foam WriteyBoard in your kitchen or near your dining table, and as soon as you know what you're going to cook, write it down. That way, no one in your family has to ask what meal to expect - they can just look!

4. Homework space
Helping your kids with homework may be frustrating at times, especially if they're struggling to understand a certain concept. There is a reason why whiteboards are in every classroom. The teacher writes out math problems or sentences on the board so students can see the process. You can do the same thing at home. Peel the WriteyBoard down from your the office wall and take it to the location of homework time. Jot down a problem on the whiteboard and have your child try to solve it. Using another color dry-erase marker, correct their mistakes. Switching colors helps your kids visually differentiate between their work and yours.

How to Create a Whiteboard for your Home

Make sure you hang the Foam WriteyBoard at a height that's comfortable for your kids - they can't use it if they can't reach it. Your child should be standing when using the board, as this position may help him or her think more clearly. According to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, standing helps students burn calories and increase their heart rate for more active concentration. What's more, Mind/Shift noted that standing while working may improve learning outcomes.

Try these different ways of using your whiteboard at home. If one isn't working for you, don't worry - you can easily peel the Foam Write​yBoard off the wall and move it to another location without damaging your paint job.

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