What kind of Doodler do you think you are?

There’s a diversity about doodlers. They come in all ages, shapes and sizes with a variety of interests and skill-levels. To find out what type of doodler you are, use your noodle and take this doodle test.

  1. My favorite kind of movies are:
    1. Dark Comedies;
    2. Anything in 3-D;
    3. 70-mm wide screen epics;
    4. Silent Films
  2. What kind of music do you like to dance to:
    1. Soul;
    2. Techno;
    3. Big Band;
    4. Waltzes
  3. I like to read:
    1. Scary Stories;
    2. Science Fiction;
    3. Coffee Table Books, the bigger the better;
    4. vintage magazines and antique books
  4. Your favorite non-color is:
    1. Black;
    2. Silver;
    3. White;
    4. Charcoal

If you agreed with a) most often, you’re a Midnight Doodler. Your idea of a good time is staying up at night drawing with neon markers that pop against a not-so basic black background. Luckily for you, Whiteyboard makes a new Midnight dry-erase product as well as neon pink and orange markers.

Those who responded most often with b) are Techie Doodlers who are likely obsessed with the latest Google Doodles or attached to Doodle God™ by JoyBits Ltd.—you can bet your iTunes app on it.

If you answered most with c), you’re a Classic Doodler who embraces life—and your sketches—in a big way. Fortunately Whiteyboard can meet your grand way of thinking and drawing with XL dry erase boards.

Lastly, the old souls who regularly replied d) are Old School Doodlers who still use traditional chalkboards that are pricey and hard to install. That is, until Whiteyboard left them in the dust by replacing them with a 21st century model that’s adhesive, easy to install and very affordable.

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