Everyone’s a Winner on Game Night

Looking for a way to have an enjoyable evening with family home activities? Host an unforgettable game night with our family game night ideas.  Simply stir in the following three ingredients and add fun!


    Family and friends become players when it comes to indoor competitions. Most games require even-numbered teams (typically three on each side) so keep that in mind when making your invitations. However, an odd-number guest or host can serve as the game’s moderator.

    No party is complete without refreshments. Pre-bottled drinks are easy to hold during competitions where players are asked to move around and non-fussy snacks are also ideal since the game, not the food, should be the focus of the festivities. Avoid messy salsas and dips. Stick to easily eatable finger foods such as mini spinach and mushroom quiches, fruit and cheese trays, and mini pizzas. Bowls of nuts or blueberries are also good since these snacks stimulate the brain—an essential asset for all game players.

    To enhance the party atmosphere, choose an indoor sport that encourages creativity, mobility and laughs. “Win, Lose or Draw” is a game that ensures everyone will be engaged. Initially co-produced by Burt Reynolds on NBC and CBS, the entertaining game show has since been revived by Disney.

“Win, Lose or Draw” is similar to charades, but with drawing. To play, two teams of three people each take turns guessing a phrase, title or thing that one speechless teammate draws on a format that is large enough for everyone to see. To really wow your guests, paint a wall with clear dry erase paint (paint kit $35; markers $0.99 each) from Whiteyboard.

And let the games begin!

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