Chalkboard vs Whiteboard

Chalkboards are increasing in popularity not only in the classroom, but also in home design. While their fame in home decor is becoming a common trend, there are also some drawbacks to this interior design element.

One of the biggest concerns of chalkboards is the allergies they may cause to you or your family. Chalk dust used to write on this board can affect members of you family suffering from asthma. This type of allergen is known to increase the appearance of respiratory symptoms in children and adults, especially when exposed for long periods of time.

Chalk dust is recognized by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology as one of the irritants that could trigger asthma and allergy attacks, or trigger symptoms associated with these attacks.

The best way to prevent this harmful side effect, while still keeping your home looking modern and stylish, is through the use of a whiteboard. The Midnight Whiteyboard is a stylish way to recreate the visual effect of a chalkboard while preventing dust allergens from spreading throughout your home.

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