Hot Office Trends for 2014

Sometimes, our offices can double as a second home. Since we tend to spend 40 plus hours a week seeing the same people, sitting in the same chair, and staring at the same walls, shouldn’t this mean our workplace should be a bit easier on the eyes? Design and Trend has come up with a great list of the top office trends that will dominate in 2014. Whiteboards are something that will never go out of style. Here are a few of our favorites ways to upgrade your workplace:

Open Spaces: Modern offices are opting to move away from the cubicle and into “hot desking.” This gives employees the freedom to move around in a more cohesive team environment by getting rid of large cubicles that divide space. Unassigned tables and work areas chalk full of whiteboards are also enabling employees to meet and collaborate at the spur of the moment. It is also giving the office a more relaxed feel, cutting out the privacy brought on by the classic cubicle. The whiteboards also promote collaboration among the team.

Mobility: Stools and standing height tables are matching the popularity of wheeled chairs at the office, but will never surpass whiteboard awesomeness. Seating that’s easy to move gives employees more freedom, especially during an impromptu strategy meeting around WhiteyBoard’s Matte Whiteyboard. This accessibility allows for more communication and collaboration from the office team, creating a stronger work environment centered around dry-erase space.

Bright colors and designs: Offices are getting rid of the boring gray and white palette, embracing fun colors and patterns that show the originality of the company. Opt for bright colors for a mood boosting workplace, and research how certain hues tend to affect people. Studies have shown that red and orange boost productivity, so consider making these the main colors of your office walls! Then use clear whiteboard paint or transparent stick-on whiteboards to make these vivid colors really come to life by making them beautiful dry-erase canvases.

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