The art of childrearing via art

Some parents climb the walls because their children scribble on the walls but they really should jump for joy because it’s good, even preferable, for kids to visually express themselves—even on the walls!

Writing and drawing helps improve eye-hand coordination. It also helps kids develop problem-solving skills since those who draw can interact with their creation. Artistic youths can measure the effects of their pen and chart the optical illusions made by different colors.

Does that sound too brainy? Well, the act of generating art is not just a decorative practice, it is an intellectual process! Children who draw are developing their whole brain which leads to increased attention, deeper concentration and sharper focus.

In addition to enhancing children’s physicality and intellectuality, drawing supports emotional intelligence because it enables kids to express complex feelings when their vocabulary may fail them. Creating visual work can also lead to a greater self-esteem since children can view and measure their accomplishments on display—even if that means their work is on the walls.

Fortunately, raising your child’s self-worth via art doesn’t mean lowering the value of your home value via wrecked walls. WhiteyBoard offers easy-to-install dry-erase walls, stick-on boards—and paint, so kids can write and draw on virtually anything: their desk, their chairs, their doors. The sky (or ceiling) is the limit!

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