Make the Most of a Small Space

If you have a small space at home, it can sometimes be hard to know how to style it properly. has compiled a great list of ideas to make the most of a small space, anywhere. Here are some of the basic rules from design experts Lynda Felton and Kyla Rozman.

Tiny room = tiny furniture? When furnishing a small room, people tend to think that large pieces of furniture can overpower the area and take up the limited amount of space already allotted. According to Lynda “[This is] not true, a large sectional can often be better than a small sofa and chair.”

Let the purging begin! Put together like objects and decide what will stay and what will go. Jot down a throwaway list on your Whitey Board Foldable Whiteboard to know what you’ll be tossing after the purge. Refrain from buying any organizing and storage materials until you know what you’ll be keeping.

It’s all a trick of the light. The maximum amount of light is key when it comes to a small space. Mirrors and glass reflect light in your area, making it seem larger than it is. Lynda suggests, “A glass coffee table, rather than a wood or opaque one,” for making the most of the light reflecting in the room.

Keep your curtains in check! Curtains shouldn’t cover the any of the light coming into the room when they’re open. Hang curtains so the entire pane stays clear; they should fall beside the window instead of on top. Consider hanging them from the ceilings to make the most of the light in your space.

Think Vertical. Use the length of your room to its full advantage, and think “long” when it comes to furniture, art, or shelves. Lengthy pieces will trick the eye into thinking there is more to the space than there actually is.

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